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October and finally…featuring marketplace news, issues facing publishers, market landscape developments, Amazon as a media player and market stats



The future of an independent self-regulating press

UK government may be ready to classify Facebook and Google as news organisations



Publishers are already feeling pain from Apple’s move against ad tracking

Publishers find Google AMP loads too fast for ad views

Google woos publishers with ’insights engine’ suite

Google appeases publishers with subscriptions



Zenith: UK lags behind global average in mobile internet usage

Facebook to fight fake news with context about publishers

Facebook: imposing single video viewability standard is not what brands need

Can Blockchain help democratise online content economy?

Blockchain technology will enable accountability in digital advertising

Online advertising: anti-fraud products to be certified

The age of the new disruptors?

Three problems marketers face with digital transformation (and three solutions)


Amazon as a media player

Amazon considering a more serious bid against YouTube

How publishers are trying to Amazon proof the e-commerce strategies



Annoyance at Tfl Uber decision and other marketing stats

The death of the 30 seconds online ad and other marketing stats

Conversion rates on desktop more than double that of mobile and other marketing stats



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