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Having consulted with you, our members, in 2018 we reinvigorated our previous Forum format and launched the AOP Crunch Series. The AOP Crunch Series is about learning from industry leaders, discussing challenges, and peer networking; all of this with a purpose to build a better future for Premium Publishers. Whether you have a specific problem to solve or you want cutting-edge learning or you want to guide future outcomes, you need to be there.




CRUNCH 4.3: Driving sustainable audience growth to diversify revenue

CRUNCH 4.2: Solve ethics to solve programmatic

CRUNCH 4.1: Truth and Trust in Journalism

Event News

CRUNCH 2018 rundown

CRUNCH 2018 rundown

2018 CRUNCH events

CRUNCH 01: Programmatic: Rewired

CRUNCH 02: The Reader Revenue Revolution

CRUNCH 03: GDPR and Beyond

CRUNCH 04: Buy and Sell Side - Partnership Equals Progress

CRUNCH 05: Creativity for the Attention Economy

CRUNCH 06: How will the industry support you for a better 2019?

AOP on LinkedIn
AOP on Twitter
AOP on Facebook
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