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Mobile Monetisation

Mobile: redressing the monetisation imbalance


Mobile has been our most challenging campaign/exploration because it combines a number of problems and challenges into one exploration.


Our first workshop showed that almost everyone experiences the same challenge of majority audience mobile, majority revenue desktop.


Unfortunately, there is no simple solution with issues in


  • Data - safari issue, from cookies to devices & people, GDPR
  • Format - viewability, impact both harder to generate in mobile
  • Agency practices - 80% of their 80% is mobile, they have already addressed mobile

We came out with a plan. Our goal – to redress the monetisation imbalance.



  • By working on the collective mobile sell
  • By working on the collective mobile product


By the time of our second workshop we had realised that our efforts in other campaigns were working towards reducing some of the complexity of the mobile challenge.


Our Data campaign was revealing methods to move from cookies to people and developing the cross-device solution, as well as shedding light on the influence of GDPR


Our Ad UX campaign had shown that Members were keen to implement BetterAds standards across the Industry to reduce page load times and that the formats on offer were manageable and clearly defined.


Further, the AOP Ad Quality Charter would create an advantage for Members in the debate on viewability, fraud and brand safety.


The group took the decision to bring these threads together at Inside Out, where we’ll be presenting a clear and unique USP for The Premium Publisher Ad Offer evidenced by the innovations publishers are creating in these areas. The AOP is continuing to work to bring advertisers and publishers closer together.


A summary of the proposed next steps from the discussions at the Inside Out convention are as followed:


The Premium Publisher Ad Offer Upgraded


Judging from this session, the shift in emphasis from purely mobile challenges to showcasing the progress publishers are making is one that needs to continue.


Why? Because the Agency and Client side is crying out for a more unified premium publisher option that can be considered at the same level as Facebook, Google and Amazon. Note, it is clear that this option doesn’t need to be as all encompassingly powerful or even as completely unified as the platforms but it does need to offer greater scale, better data and clearer ways to understand and access the benefits.


Yes there are still specific mobile problems to solve but most of the solutions involve developing a better offer, in closer partnership with agencies and clients.


And to that end we presented the progress that members are making in some key areas:


Premium Content is King - the vibrant growth of innovative publishers

Data - the success of publisher data partnerships and the potential for a more collective approach


GDPR - preparing for a world where Publishers can legally and ethically share data


Ad Quality - a Charter, developed in partnership with the industry, that solves quality problems and establishes AOP Members as the definitive goto place for brand safety and ad quality. With this in mind, the session went on to look at ways forward.


First and clearest was that the basis of a closer partnership has to be about delivering better results. Of course this immediately becomes complex as we realise that the type of results advertisers are trying to generate vary hugely from short to long term and across categories. The advantage that Facebook and Google have here is that they are able to tick off categories one by one as they apply large scale strategic expertise to each area.


AOP believes that this area requires some sort of united sell of the premium publisher offer to augment the excellent work being done at an individual publisher level. But how to define and deliver that approach is the next step.

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