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Top 10 tips for writing a winning entry


’How to write a winning Entry’, kindly hosted by Dennis Publishing was a successful morning with a great turnout and lots of useful facts, letting us in on just how to write that winning AOP Awards entry. With these useful tips, you could just be in with a chance of walking away from Old Billingsgate on 27th June with a shiny new award with your name on it! 

Following our ’How to write a winning entry’ event on 28th February, we thought it only fair to share a few tips with those of you unable to join us. Take a read of our carefully-composed list to help you on your way when writing that all-important awards entry.




Surprisingly, at the shortlisting stage, our judges will read between 30 and 40 entrees. Of course, this means that there will be limited time to read each individual entry; 5-7 minutes to be exact. Ensure that you get your point across clearly, concisely and as always, in a manner that grabs the attention of the jury!



Our jury like to see figures rather than percentages due to the clarity - so try where possible to follow this and ensure each number has something to back it up - provide facts.



It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised by the number of typos that mistakenly slip into an entry. Ensure your entry has been read by three or four people - you should also be checking that the entry makes sense to someone not involved in the project - get someone outside of the team to give it a read through and make sure it is comprehensible to them, too.



Don’t be put off from entering the awards if you feel your company’s figures are a little lower than your competitors; if your entry is meaningful and your figures are explained, then you are in with just as good a chance as any.



Ensure all links are up to date and working when you send your entry. If possible, make sure there isn’t password protection on your links either. We understand this can’t always be avoided, so where applicable, remember to provide the password.



No embellishment - the jury are looking for clarity and proof in every fact throughout in your entry; don’t exaggerate, the judges can spot this from a mile off.



The jury will be looking for effective relationships between teams - make sure this comes across in your entry; support this with evidence where possible.



There’s rarely anything worse in an awards entry than waffle - lose it. The judges don’t want to be reading meaningless words nor monotonous sentences - this will not stand out.



This category is new for 2019- so a little advice: the judges will be looking for clear signs that talent within a company is being nurtured.



If your company has been entering lots of awards and looks as though it’s been up to a great deal, or looks like it’s succeeding in all areas, you may just be invited to enter our ’INVITE ONLY’ categories. So make sure you enter those that apply to you, and show us the best parts of your last year!



Download the PDF file below and learn how to write your winning entry.



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Our jurors look forward to reading your entries, and we can’t wait to share the night of the year with you!


Good luck,


The AOP Team.

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