Six tips from the jury

Following on from being a valued member of our awards jury this year, Ellie Edwards-Scott lets us in on a few useful tips to keep in mind when entering next year’s Digital Publishing Awards.



It may sound simple – but make sure that you enter the right category! Read the entry criteria, make sure that you can confidently tick all of the boxes. It’s all too obvious to judges when there is a spray and pray approach applied to awards entries!


If you can include a client case study, endorsement goes a long way!


Make sure the results that you mention are tangible, if you’re talking about uplift or ROI quantify it with the relevant figures… helps bring it to life for us judges.


Read and re-read the category criteria and ensure that you include the relevant materials, if your submission mentions video or audio you need to include examples.


Spend time on your submission, judging takes a long time – there is the pre-judging which each judge does individually before getting together for a day. We take our job seriously and take time reading (and often re-reading) submissions. A well structured, well written piece of work always stands out and similarly you can tell when a submission has been rushed.


Storytelling is great but make sure that you stick to the facts, don’t speculate or exaggerate – as judges we can always sense when something has been over inflated or just doesn’t seem right.


Ellie Edwards-Scott is Co-Founder of The Advisory Collective a Digital Consultancy working with businesses to support their successful launch and growth strategies as well as digital acceleration projects.

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