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Small Digital Publisher of the Year

Congratulations to Faversham House Ltd who are the winners of Small Digital Publisher of the Year


Your ’Elevator Pitch’

In a world seemingly dominated by clickbait, gaming algorithms and low-value programmatic advertising, Faversham House has focused its efforts on developing closer long-term relationships with the people most important to our publications – both readers and advertisers – and delivering greater value to them. Rather than following the online trends our audiences are already showing interest in, we have invested in creating quality content that takes the initiative and helps our readers to understand their changing worlds and inspires them to achieve their goals. This has cemented the positions of our brands as leaders in their markets and generated significant growth in audience and profitable revenues.


Set The Scene

In 2018 our challenges were to turn tighter data regulation into an opportunity, diversify our revenue streams, and deliver more value to our core readers/advertisers so that we can sell more to them. A niche business publisher with limited resources can’t compete on quantity – we had to win on quality. So, we burnt our old marketing lists, cleared out the dead bodies from our user databases, and concentrated on building solid core audiences from the inside out. We also launched two new sites, relaunched our biggest subscription site, implemented push notifications, improved our mobile pagespeeds, and launched our offline sustainability leaders club.


Tell Us The Story


Key goals included:
Increase subscription revenues
Increase engagement with high-value core audiences
Produce and sell high-value commercial solutions that are unique and innovative


In 2018 we revised our company purpose to: “to Spark ideas and actions”
We see this as particularly relevant to content:
So, we encouraged our writers to find out what readers really care about.


In sustainability, Mission Possible ( ) our campaign to inject momentum and purpose into corporate sustainability, and get business leaders to commit to specific actions.
In Utilities, The New Deal for Utilities campaign ( ) outlined the changing nature of regulation and the re-forging of the social contract between the public, policymakers and the providers of essential water and energy services.


We upgraded and relaunched, with a 42% uplift in subscriptions. We launched a new subscription-only site for the emerging water retail market, and launched a new customer dashboard, giving an enhanced self-service interface for customers to manage their content marketing activities and results/leads across our 3 main ad-funded sites.
We also enhanced mobile pagespeeds and launched push notifications.


An Indian client wanted to break into the UK utility market, we agreed a 5-figure deal to work with them to deliver an Innovation Council – a cross industry body that meets quarterly to collaborate on innovation – supported and sponsored by our client.


The Results

Our 2018 company results showed a 15% growth in revenues and a 42% growth in operating profit - based entirely on organic growth.

Our sustainability site
* We have achieved 41% brand revenue growth in two years
* We’re on track to achieve a 22% year-on-year increase in digital revenue in the 2018-19 FY, 41% up from 2016-17
* On track to achieve 61% more revenue from sponsored online editorial content (reports, webinars, podcasts etc ) in 2018-19 - and 613% up from 2016-17

Our Utilities website:
A 42% increase in subscription revenues
18% increase in both session numbers and page views, plus an 8% decrease in the bounce rate.
myUtilityWeek has totally transformed the user experience, with, with a +32% increase in paid-for content engagement.


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