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Product Development Team of the Year

Congratulations to Dennis Publishing who are the winners of Product Development Team of the Year


Elevator Pitch

The product team at Dennis run and optimise over 40 content and marketing sites across its publishing platform. During a period of uncertainty across the business, the product team still managed to launch a new brand - The site was launched in 12 weeks from the first line of code being written to receiving its first visitor. The site secured a lucrative launch sponsorship from Volkswagen and has delivered best in class KPI’s across key areas including engagement, viewability and ad response. Without the skill and ruthless prioritisation of the product team, we wouldn’t have launched the site on-time.

Set the scene

Last year alternatively fueled vehicle sales grew by 35% and a record number of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars were registered. This resulted in this segment of car achieving its best-ever annual market share of 4.7%. UK consumers buy more plug-in cars than anywhere else in Europe and demand continues to grow against a backdrop of overall falling car sales. Dennis decided to act on these market trends and launch to meet the demand of users looking for a destination of authoritative car reviews, video and advice.


Tell us the story

Since launch, has built a reputation for clear and concise electrified car reviews, news and advice. Uniquely for this kind of site, if an EV isn’t right for the reader, it’ll clearly say so. The website launched in October 2018 with in-depth, paginated reviews of every electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid car and van on sale, 50 in-depth advice articles, an archive of news articles plus a full complement of ‘best car’ features. Ensuring we got the editorial proposition right was key, our research, UX and editorial teams completed significant amounts of user research and data collection among car buyers and clients to ensure we offered the correct amount of detail to our users. Our reviews, advice and news are delivered in the simplest way possible, avoiding jargon and focusing on the facts. Something that’s critical when making a decision on what car to buy next. The launch certainly wasn’t without its challenges. The launch team at Dennis had to hit an immovable deadline to ensure it tied into our partner’s wider marketing campaign and we chose to build the site on a new platform. Meeting this deadline required multiple teams to jump in and help other departments where necessary. It was a complete team effort. Dennis decided to build the site on a new open-sourced Drupal distribution known as Thunder. This allowed the product, UX and development teams to deliver a fully-functional CMS, frontend and platform in just 12 weeks including design time.


The results

In summary, DrivingElectric has been a massive success for Dennis, built upon our expertise and heritage across our automotive vertical. We have no doubts the site will continue to grow in scale, helping users make the correct car buying choice and provide a platform for our clients to reach potential customers and be profitable. ● Over 400k site visits since launch in October 2018 ● Gained key search engine ranking position and visibility ● Built and launched the site in less than 12 weeks ● Secured a six-figure deal with a key motoring client ● Increased repeat site usage to over 25% ● Delivered a 1%+ CTR for our launch partner Volkswagen ● Achieved 50,000+ promoted video views ● Launched a brand extension through DrivingElectric magazine.

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