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Highly Commended - Digital Journalist of the Year

Congratulations to Cat Harvey-Jenner, Highly Commended for Digital Journalist of the Year

Your ’Elevator Pitch’

The Reports and Body sections are core pillars of the Cosmopolitan brand. Through Cat’s deep understanding of readers, she has opened a multi-platform dialogue on the issues that matter most, enabling her to service users with targeted, in-depth, informative content in areas otherwise considered ’dry’. As such, the Reports section, which tackles important conversations around domestic abuse, politics and current affairs, is up is up 94% YOY with a dwell time 15% greater than site average. The Body section, which brings awareness to key women’s health issues, is up79% YOY with a dwell time 81% higher than site average.


Set The Scene

As the digital marketplace became increasingly uncertain and plagued by issues of misinformation, Cat has played an essential part in retaining and building reader trust through the production of informative and factually correct ‘serious’ news reporting and a focus on quality longform features journalism. On top of this, she faces the seemingly impossible task of inciting real engagement, focusing on dwell time, reader feedback and industry attention over sheer numbers. With a young audience whose attention is being pulled in a hundred directions and shifting social algorithms, she has also faced the challenge of grabbing their attention across 7 platforms.


Tell Us The Story

While click-bait and rumour provide easy wins for many, Cat has made well-researched, trustworthy, high quality journalism, the foundation of her work. Cat knows our readers inside-out and feels passionately about their wellbeing, equipping them with the tools to have informed discussions in all areas of life. This was how our year-long partnership with Women’s Aid began, recognising a shared goal of educating young women on the realities of domestic abuse in a digital age. Working together to produce an in-depth survey that ran across multiple platforms, we received thousands of responses. Cat used these results to garner industry attention, support from Emma Watson, and to shape content in areas where readers were uneducated or showing signs of abuse. This roster of fortnightly features included explainers on coercive control, long-read real-life stories and easy-to-digest advice, as well as exclusive celebrity interviews with Mel B, Alice Liveing and Rebecca Humphries, yielding national PR coverage. Cat regularly uses data gathered in-house to influence her content. Following thousands of responses to a poll about emotionally abusive behaviour on TV, she ran a further, comprehensive feature on the topic. Thousands of users have read Cat’s Brexit coverage, millions of viewers watched her ‘How to check your breasts for cancer’ video, and users spent 367%longer than the section average reading one young woman’s journey through alcoholism. In a highly competitive digital landscape, and an audience with increasingly short attention spans, Cat manages to piques readers’ interest on topics ranging from disability and rape, to mental health and contraceptive side effects.


The Results

The high reader engagement with the Women’s Aid survey was mirrored in the overall project. The body of work attracted hundreds of thousands of unique users, serving the purpose to inform, and the ‘Reports’ section, where much of the content sat, increased 94% YOY. With search growth another major focus for Cat, the Reports section saw a 183% search growth YOY, with Body’s search up 171% YOY. Evidently the industry, Google and-most importantly, our readers-are respecting Cosmopolitan as a serious and trustworthy news and current affairs outlet.

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