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Highly Commended - Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2019

Congratulations to Sovrn, Highly Commended for Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2019

Your ’Elevator Pitch’

The Sovrn AdOps team has proven to be a small but mighty force, taking on responsibilities that far exceed the standard functions of an advertising operations team. The Sovrn AdOps team goes beyond the call of duty, always striving to find creative and thoughtful solutions to help publishers grow. They work as a cohesive, cross-functional unit that assists all areas of the business; including publisher support, engineering, Exchange Bidding consultation and implementation, header bidding support, demand operations consulting, agnostic platform management, and more. They prioritise publisher relationships with passionate dedication, skilled collaboration, and a scrappy can-do approach to any challenge.


Set The Scene
In 2018, the team’s biggest challenge was to ensure GDPR compliance of all Sovrn technologies. With over 100 publishers and 1000+ sites to service, this critical project required significant time and creative resources. Sovrn took on this challenge by developing a new product: //Connect. //Connect is a single tag that can be used to unify
Sovrn products, including //Signal, our viewability and ad reload tool; our header bidding wrapper; our Consent Management Platform, and more. The challenge was to create new and GDPR-compliant //Connect tags, provide them to publishers, and offer implementation support before GDPR legislation went into effect.


Tell Us The Story
Once the //Connect project was underway, the Sovrn AdOps team thoroughly tested the new tag, diagnosed issues, identified missing features, and helped to fix and optimise them. The AdOps team created over 400 //Connect tags to send to existing publishers—a staggering amount of effort. The next and most challenging element of the GDPR project was to contact each publisher, explain the impact of the new tag, and provide hands-on implementation support. The AdOps team then went the extra mile to gather publisher feedback in order to continue refining and improving the //Connect product. That feedback was critical to the success of the project. During this time, Sovrn also developed a Consent Management Platform (CMP). This product saw a lot of traction, particularly from smaller, mid- and long-tail publishers, who needed a CMP without a hefty price. The AdOps team provided timely knowledge and support to these publishers to ensure they had successful CMP integrations by the time
GDPR legislation went into effect. Despite the considerable resources put into this project, the team continued to carry out important day-to-day operations, supporting all areas of the business. Not only did they support the Demand team to successfully deliver viewability campaigns, they also helped publishers optimise their setups and provided support with general publisher queries.

The Results
At Sovrn, we believe in creating tools that help independent publishers thrive. The Sovrn AdOps team made sure each publisher’s GDPR strategy was compliant and built upon a reliable foundation. By supporting publishers during this transition, the AdOps team provided meaningful support to publishers, far beyond a standard transactional relationship. Our publishers know we will support them, even with issues that are not directly related to their Sovrn integration. The GDPR-compliance project helped Sovrn to better understand what publishers really need in order to successfully run their businesses. The feedback from publishers has helped to identify features to be added to both our CMP and //Connect products. As we continue to refine our products, feedback like this is essential. The Sovrn AdOps team is scrappy, passionate, and dedicated. For this reason, we believe they are deserving of the prestigious Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year award.

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