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Highly Commended -- Digital Journalist of the Year

Congratulations to Rachael King, Highly Commended for Digital Journalist of the Year

Your “Elevator Pitch”

Rachael King has pioneered work to bring Fintech to central banks – she is editor of the Fintech section of and chair of the Fintech & Regtech Global Awards and led the investigative podcast series Womenomics: why central banks need more women”. These initiatives showcase her talents as a writer and editor, but also demonstrate her skills as a campaigner: she drove both projects through, winning trust, building audiences, securing a topic for the brand and making the most of technology. Fintech is Central Banking’s fastest growing area and the coverage has been universally praised by subscribers.


Set the scene

In July 2018, Central Banking did not have a strategic approach to covering Fintech. The brand had written about it, but it wasnt a recognised discipline within the sector. There was no sense of a Fintech community within the global central banking community; there was interest, but this was spread across departments and disciplines. While Central Banking had hosted podcasts before, these had been one-offs, and we had not written anything on women in central banking.


Tell us the story

Within three months of Rachael taking the lead, Central Banking had a full global Fintech awards programme, and the term had claimed a place on’s top navigation. The Awards programme took in more than 20 categories and attracted a record number of submissions. Rachael wrote and edited the 24 Award articles covering initiatives in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa, across private and public sectors. She also presented the Awards at the ceremony in Singapore. This programme established Central Banking editorially with this audience – it helped to create this audience.

This type of achievement is crucial for the credibility of the brand and its continued existence, as it needs to drive agendas and on occasion take the industry lead. In addition to the success of this endeavour, Rachael herself is now acknowledged as an authority in the sector.

The Womenomics: why central banks need more women” podcast series is entirely Rachael’s initiative: she pitched it, researched it, resourced it, designed it, executed it and posted on it. The series has seen contributions from senior central bankers from Europe, the Americas and Asia and has posted outstanding viewing figures. It has engaged our audience and pioneered podcasts with them. Rachael showed how podcast series could work with and for a central banking audience and how they could engage in this. Importantly, from a brand point of view it has made a contribution to the community’s efforts to tackle gender inequalities, raising awareness by talking to those dealing with it: senior female central bankers. The series continues.


The results

Thanks to Rachael, Central Banking now has a credible, successful and dynamic Fintech proposition. Fintech is a crowded market-place, not least in financial publishing. Yet Rachael created space for Central Banking: bringing together those in the central bank community with suppliers and service providers. Through a dedicated area in the website, features, coverage and awards, the brand has won that audience and created a platform for new products and offerings.

The Womenomics podcast series was the first systematic effort by the brand to tackle gender issues in central banks. This matters. As an industry, less than 10% of CEOs (governors) are female. Rachael’s series shone a light on these (and other) issues. To deliver this content, Rachael chose the podcast format. This gave the product personality and immediacy, but required innovation and drive to convince audiences: both internally and externally.

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