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Digital Sales Team of the Year

Congratulations to The Bridge Digital Sales & Strategic Development Team, News UK, who are the winners of Digital Sales Team of the Year


Your ’Elevator Pitch’

News UK’s digital sales & strategic development team has had a stellar year. We’ve achieved significant growth in 2018 through implementation of our sales strategy ‘to inspire action with sophisticated solutions made elegantly simple’, which was activated through four key sales tactics:
-Embed the Challenger Sale Methodology
-Increase Premium Programmatic
-Grow Branded Content
-Diversification of client base
These efforts ultimately resulted in significant revenue growth across our titles (The Sun, The Times, and The Sunday Times).


Set The Scene

We’ve had to significantly change our approach to selling as the complexity of the product portfolio has increased across display, video, branded content and off platform. Against a backdrop of industry-wide print decline in 2018 and the growing power of the ‘duopoly’, News UK has committed to growing its digital products and audiences. We’ve had to significantly change our sales approach as the complexity of the product portfolio has increased across display, video, branded content and off-platform environments. The digital marketplace also became increasingly complex and the team faced multiple challenges (including brand misconceptions of The Sun and objection handling of The Times’ scale). It therefore became crucial to differentiate ourselves and prove our value if we were to deliver expected digital ad revenue growth.


Tell Us The Story

We evolved our strategic approach and successfully delivered against all 4 key sales tactics by:

Embedding the ‘Challenger Sale’ Methodology
• We completely overhauled our sales approach adopting ‘The Challenger Sale’ model. At the core, this approach empowered sales teams to prioritise client business challenges and lead all proactive client meetings with data and insight, ensuring we bring value to every sales conversation. New digital business was won and retained as a result.

Increasing Programmatic
• We made the bold decision to remove The Times from the open marketplace, making it a premium-only programmatic sell to match the title’s premium product status. The Sales team quickly adapted and pivoted to PMP and PG deals, acquiring new skills and knowledge in the process. Programmatic-Guaranteed sales greatly increased.

Growing Branded Content
• We evolved our content sales model and created campaigns led with social insight and analysis. We focused on brand extensions (Deam Team, Fabulous, Style Play etc) and created video-first concepts harnessing editorial talent and challenging the status quo of traditional publishing. We focused on building our off-platform environments, drawing in new clients and creating content that lived across titles, significantly growing content revenue.

Diversifying Our Client Base
• We identified target clients across multiple sectors and introduced incentives for the team in winning specific clients. We collaborated with a two-pronged approach with the agency and client, taking the time to fully understand clients’ business challenges and key trends within their specific verticals. The team won 126 new advertisers over this period.

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