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Digital Sales Person of the Year

Congratulations to Dan Linton, Chemist + Druggist, who is the winner of Digital Sales Person of the Year


Your ’Elevator Pitch’

Having been bought by a new company (Informa), C+D had a year to prove its worth as an influential and profitable digital publisher - or face the scrapheap. Having been pivotal in C+D’s success to date, Dan took it upon himself to ensure this transition would continue to build upon the brand’s long-established history and remain community pharmacy’s most influential title. With no extra resource, and amid this backdrop of uncertainty, Dan developed innovative advertising options to ensure longevity in C+D’s offering - and in doing so increased revenues by 15% – amounting to a record-breaking year for digital sales.


Set The Scene

In 2017, Dan achieved the unexpected and managed to increase digital revenues by 13%, despite the end of the weekly print magazine and move to an online-only publishing model. With increased pressure from his competitors, high targets and demand from his clients in 2018, Dan was faced with his toughest challenge to date: could he continue this trend for a second year? With three directors in as many months, no additional resource and the company’s acquisition causing ripples of uncertainty, Dan was left to deliver on this budget single handily.


Tell Us The Story

With an ever-increasing demand from clients for personalised ways to promote themselves, Dan knew he had to innovate – and fast. A big opportunity – and barrier – to Dan securing greater revenue for the brand was persuading commercial clients of the value of bespoke editorial content. His solution was to bring C+D’s clinical editor – and trained pharmacist - into his client meetings. Between them, they were able to persuade industry giants, such as Reckitt Benckiser, Perrigo and Glenmark, to not only sponsor in-depth, editorially independent educational articles, but also create a solution to their issue of hosting sponsored content on C+D. This partnership secured £42k of new revenue, at the expense of his competitors.


Dan’s clients have been long-time supporters of bespoke emails, which allow them to target C+D’s ever-increasing audience with their tailored content. Having seen an opportunity to increase revenues, Dan worked with his audience development team to refine and improve the registration process (to offer a more targeted approach by location and job title) and to design a suite of templates for his clients to choose from. With this new-found approach, Dan was able to sell 45% more emails (which included 6 new clients), bringing in a whopping £83k.


With 81% of digital revenue coming from media agencies, Dan met with them on several occasions to discuss client briefs, industry developments and to sell his new digital advertising options. As a result of Dan’s tenacious attitude and dedication, he was able to increase digital spend with them by 24%.


The Results

Dan has single handily driven the sales effort for the C+D brand, and in doing so he has delivered their highest ever digital revenues. He has responded to his clients demands by designing new innovative ways to advertise across the C+D site, and in doing so, has created longevity in the brand at the expense of his competitors.


2018 highlights:

  • Overall digital revenues increased by 15%
  • Custom project revenues increased by 46%
  • Digital display advertising increased by 6%
  • Gained 13 new clients worth £77k (including MSD and Chugai)
  • Developed two new advertising products amounting to £125k


To navigate the sales direction of an industry-leading brand can be a challenge at the best of times, but to do it as that brand is acquired and assessed by another multinational business – and still make it a success – is surely worthy of an AOP Award.

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