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Digital Journalist of the Year

Congratulations to Amy Hunt, Woman & Home, who is the winner of Digital Journalist of the Year




Elevator Pitch

After a brief stint as a print intern on woman&home magazine, Amy joined the digital team as a writer in 2016. She had zero digital experience. Since then she has blossomed into a true digital native, catapulting to number one writer on She has developed a deep understanding of digital user habits, and that combined with her fantastic instincts for a story enabled her to drive millions of readers to the site 2018.


Set the scene

What makes Amy’s achievements even more remarkable is the fact that she moved into her role during a period of substantial restructuring. We were transitioning from a single brand team on to a hub team, supporting 5 titles. The new structure meant a significant reduction in headcount. But her positive can-do attitude and calm, focused approach contributed to successfully driving significant growth across the hub, and in particular on, her specialist brand, which saw 46% growth YOY in 2018.


Tell us the story

Post transition, Amy was tasked with single-handedly increasing news output on Prior to her arrival, news output was around 2 stories per day, Amy increased this average to 7 new, quality stories per day. That increase in has lead to a 98% rise in page views in that category. Producing topical news content is not the only area that Amy has excelled in. Every day, she writes across six content verticals, switching seamlessly between in-depth health features, celebrity interviews and trend-led fashion or beauty galleries. She also pulls together tantalizing newsletters and secures exclusive original content from big brands like the BBC. If powering through a relentless list of commissions wasn’t enough, she pitches content ideas daily too. These ideas routinely top our best performing content charts. Amy was the brainchild behind our Royal Homes series last year. A single story from that franchise became our top piece of content in 2018. And so far this year she is behind 7 of our top 10 stories of 2019. Her great ideas are born from her innate understanding of who the woman&home audience is, no easy feat when you are 25 – half the age of our average user! Her authoritative, positive yet relaxed writing style means our readers, who are notoriously outspoken and well informed, respond favourably towards everything she writes, from observational pieces about the royal family to myth-busting features on emotive topics like menopause and dementia.


The results

Amy’s dedication enables to grow, despite the challenging digital landscape. She adapts her scheduling pattern to fit our audience’s changing behaviour on mobile, and has helped rebuild engagement with our subscribers in a new GDPR world (with newsletters now driving more uniques than ever, up as much as 15.5% YOY in 2019). She has also increased the reach of our evergreen content. Her content clean-ups around core topics, most recently on menopause, have increased organic users by up to 260% YOY. As a result of her efforts, achieved a staggering 46% growth in 2018. Her passion for the audience, sharp focus on SEO, and knowledge of digital trends increased returning readers by 84% last year, and helped her drive millions of readers to the site. She is an indispensable member of the team.


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