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Digital Editorial Team of the Year: Consumer

Congratulations to Beano Digital Network who is the winner of Digital Editorial Team of the Year: Consumer


Your Elevator Pitch

The content team are challenged with creating the most entertaining kids’ network in the world – with LOL-laden videos, quizzes and games creating a safe digital playground for 6-12s.


Powered by a unique insight ecosystem, the team rapidly iterated to delight the passions of kids.


Results were massive. 1118% organic growth, 446% overall - fastest growing UK kids site for the second consecutive year.


Set The Scene

2017 was a good first year, but 2018 targets were intimidating, and budgets were flat:


  • Dramatic increase to organic users
  • Significant growth of loyal user base – “super users”
  • Driving Beano reach across its network beyond (YouTube and Instagram)
  • Proven US growth plan with zero brand awareness of Beano as we know it
  • Expanding and enrichening digital revenue streams through branded content


And all in a “zero-data” kids digital environment - with Child Data Protection policies (quite rightly) not allowing either tracking of kids across platforms or data collection without parental consent.



Tell us the story

The editorial team is a multi-disciplined unit creating big volumes of highly targeted and engaging multiformat content (videos, games, quizzes) every day.


The unique insight ecosystem, the Beano Brain, sits at the heart of their working day. This uses a combination of 1st and 3rd party data, and fuses it with our own ethnographic panel, the “Trendspotters” to drive all output.

The target of increasing growth without increasing budgets meant the process above needed to drive huge SEO numbers.


It did. For example, Beano “got on” Fortnite 6 months before mainstream media, driving huge organic numbers as the gaming phenomenon blew up.


They increased presenter-led video output, with new formats to grow audiences and drive branded content revenues. As well as driving 162% growth in video watch-time, it went so well that Sky Kids commissioned a 26 episode TV show, SO Beano! inspired by the output (and using presenters from the team!) – which Sky paid for.

And in branded, ITV commissioned us to create 4 branded YouTube shows to support their ad campaign to get kids

eating more veg.


The team have expanded Beano’s quiz formats, following data to drive the holy grail of huge swatches of new organic users AND massive engagement.


Growth in the US, where, unlike the UK, Beano had no brand heritage (19% awareness amongst 6-12s). In fact, Beano in the US is a household name as an anti-flatulence drug (honestly, google it!). So our growth strategy rested entirely on the strength of our content…


The Results

The team have fuelled an incredible 12 months of digital audience growth. Jan 18 - Jan 19, monthly users on up 446%. This included a whopping 1118% increase in SEO traffic.


In the UK this led to being the fastest growing kids’ website in 2018 (for the second consecutive year). Many other major kids’ entertainment brands declined in the same period - BBC, Disney and Cartoon Network.


In the US, the strategy of understanding what resonates with American kids has delivered staggering results, with a dizzying increase of 2800%+.

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