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Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year

Congratulations to The Bridge Digital Operations Team: Re-Imagining Digital Operations, News UK, who are the winners of Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year


Your ’Elevator Pitch’

Not long ago the sole focus for Ad Operations teams was to traffic campaigns. Now it’s about conquering challenges as varied as revenue generation, social platforms and fragmented KPIs. To meet these challenges and more the rebranded Digital Ops team united Branded Content, Revenue Operations and Yield & Pricing. The team transformed from a production line into a fully formed solutions hub to meet any challenge thrown at them. With a deep understanding of our diverse revenue streams and expertise we are ready to tackle the challenges faced to make journalism sustainable in a digital environment.


Set The Scene

In an industry where the importance of digital to offset the decline of print revenues is greater than ever, the ad ops team needed to cement its identity and take ownership of everything that a modern Digital Operations team entails. A strategy was needed that could focus not just on key business-related goals such as branded content and programmatic revenue, but also tackling industry challenges such as GDPR and Ad-fraud as well. Combine this with an ever-increasing revenue target that is incremental outside of direct sales with little budget for investment and you have a significant challenge for any business.


Tell Us The Story

To be industry leaders we had to be experts in everything, adopting the skills needed to thrive in a competitive market. To this end we combined Ad Operations, Revenue Operations, Yield & Pricing and Branded Content into Digital Operations. This pooled our knowledge bringing a new perspective to every challenge. The Revenue and Yield teams worked on creating three new server-to-server bidders (Amazon TAM, Ozone and Google EB) to supplement the existing client-side bidder. By diversifying revenue streams meant we could own our tech stack. The Revenue Operations team championed anti-fraud measures, making News UK one of the first publishers to adopt ads.txt. The team made headlines by unearthing a sophisticated domain spoofing scheme across SSP’s by conducting a blackout test (1), making fraud one of the key focuses of 2018. The team expanded to managing operations of mid-sized publisher that led to a new revenue stream outside of News UK. The Branded Content team wasted no time in tearing up the rulebook, in-housing their (previously agency ran) social media team, overhauling the onsite distribution of Branded Content, Launching SocialAMP to great industry fanfare (2) and exploring new non-duopoly focused distribution channels.
Meanwhile the ever-present Ad Operations team expanded their remit by on-boarding digital audio ad-serving as part of a restructure uniting the Wireless Group including talkSport and the re-launched Virgin Radio. This supported the business in its vision to offer a true multimedia commercial offering, combining print, digital, video and audio.

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