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Best Use of Data 2019

Congratulations to Beano Studios who are the winners of Best Use of Data 2019
















Your Elevator Pitch

Insight is the beating heart of Beano Studios. And turning that insight into powerful audience data has driven’s incredible growth in 2018. By truly understanding what kids want and how they behave online, Beano Studios has developed and implemented a digital proposition which has resulted in being the fastest growing kids website in the UK for the second year running. And we’ve created a proprietary first-party data platform to boot. We call it our Beano Brain. Oh, and we’ve also launched a successful kid-first consultancy on the back of it.


Set The Scene operates from a kids’ privacy-first perspective and is compliant with Coppa and GDPR-kids. What that means is we cannot track our users across the web, we can’t obtain personal data without parental consent and we have no third party user databases with which to match our users to. Not that this is a challenge specific to Beano. There is a major gap in the industry when it comes to genuinely understanding kids in the 6-12 age bracket and generating meaningful insight. This is a gap Beano intended to fill - both for our own purposes and to help others.


Tell us the story

The overall goal of Beano Brain is to enable Beano Studios to be the best at understanding kids in a real-time fashion, both in order to drive continuous improvement of Beano’s own content and products but also so that third-parties can improve their own offerings by leveraging its power. Beano Brain is an innovative fusion of ethnography and behavioural analytics (combining a nationwide kids’ panel, schools visits, compliant first party data from on-site polls and user testing) that allows us to constantly monitor and respond to what our users want. And then iterate our product and content strategy to better resonate with these children. From a content perspective, Beano Brain drives everything the editorial team does. If kids start talking about a new YouTuber, game or playground trend, Beano Brain lets the team know and they quickly created relevant content. From a commercial perspective, Beano Brain powers fortnightly kids insight reports delivered to clients and provides them with a means of testing their own ideas, preconceptions and propositions with real kids – both at scale and in depth. This capability to understand kids has enabled Beano to launch Beano for Brands, a kid-first consultancy which helps solve client briefs using its unrivalled kids’ insight gleaned from Beano Brain across the Beano portfolio or white-labelled for their brand’s own use. Among the first clients is the Football Association, which tapped into Beano’s ability to understand what resonates with kids in order to deliver the FA SuperKicks app aimed at 5- to 11-year-olds.


The Results

Beano Brain has fuelled 12 incredible months of digital audience growth. From January 2018 to January 2019, the number of monthly users on increased by 446%. This led to being the fastest growing UK kids’ website in 2018 (for the second year running) with an 185% year-on-year increase in unique UK individuals. This growth is in the context of many other major kids’ entertainment brands showing year-on-year declines (see attached table). Beano Brain has also enabled the team to develop a unique user segmentation and super user model. This powers further development of the digital product and a continuous improvement cycle driving deeper audience understanding and the facilitation of unique site algorithms based on content relevancy.

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