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Best Online Brand: Consumer

Congratulations to BBC Good Food who are the winners of Best Online Brand: Consumer


Elevator Pitch

In 2018, achieved 86m global pageviews per month (up 29%YoY), 66.8m UK pvs per month (up 35%YoY) and 25.5m UU’s per month (up 15.7%YoY) is the 42nd most popular website in the UK (Comscore), above eBayUK and Pinterest. Last year, we built upon this foundation and went beyond the kitchen – with content, focusing on verticals of health, family, travel and reviews. In January’18, these verticals brought in over 15m pvs. Our primary revenue-stream is advertising, but we have built non-advertising revenues (ecommerce and affiliates). Our dominance within our vertical have delivered digital revenue-growth of 38%, profit-growth of 48% - no mean feat as market leader.

Set the scene

The challenge for a heritage brand such as is to remain relevant in modern multi-channel, digital world; maintaining its reputation for high quality journalism, attracting new audiences and develop new revenue streams. 2018 was a challenging year for the digital publishing industry with platform changes creating headwinds for media owners; and was not immune from this. Against a backdrop of Brexit, Fake News, and algorithmic changes from Google, we have stood firm in our content strategy while continually evolving our product and advertising mix to ensure we were serving our audience and advertisers a great experience.


Tell us the story

August’18, we improved structured data across recipe collections - boosted visibility in mobile search pages and contributed to record breaking traffic. (26% upYoY/ additional61.2m pvs). Editorial team embedded tools - SEMrush and SEOmonitor into their work to strategically focus on which keywords to apply across titles and headings and we’ve been commissioning content to fill our biggest search gaps up to two months in advance of seasonal relevance, ensuring that we’ve gained our search ranking in time. Working alongside editorial, our sales team have monetised our inventory more efficiently. Rather than yields dropping because of the increased traffic, they’ve been pushed up further. Header bidding has led to 50% increase in programmatic yields and PMP (private market place) activity is tracking around 60% up YOY.

For revenue and audience growth we have:

  • Invested in SEO, consolidating position at the top of Google rankings for recipe search terms.
  • Increasing user interaction – we now have 11k member recipes versus 12k professionally-created ones.
  • Nailing advertising sales: In 2018, we had 10cross platform partnerships of more than 6 figures. We’ve developed new formats, new partners, better use of data, improved yield management expertise: pricing, inventory allocation, and invested in new technology.
  • In December’18, our digital advertising revenue saw a YoY increase of 80%!
  • Despite the growth in programmatic we have been successful at maintaining direct display revenue – an area where other publishers have struggled.


The results

Revenues are up 38% and profit is up 48% YOY, out-performing the market in a competitive landscape. Health content accounted for 19% of total sitetraffic – 15m total pvs (3m more). In January’19, the Healthy Diet Plan, with Aldi, had 32.5k new sign ups (total now 274k), 722k total pvs and newsletter engagement with 35% OR and 17.5% CTR With our audience demanding new ways to interact, video has been a key focus for, focusing on creating 3-5-minute technique videos and short, shareable content, appealing to a new generation of cook. Taking the content off platform and directly to the audience has seen staggering engagement in the millions. Pageviews of the family-meal collection are up 49%YoY. Thanks to our focus on growing our mobile audience, is the UK market leader, double the size of our closest competitor, AllRecipes (Comscore, Dec’18). And THAT is a massive achievement.

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