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Best Media Technology Partner

Congratulations to Permutive who are the winners of Best Media Technology Partner


Your ’Elevator Pitch’

Permutive is the data platform built for publishers. Using Permutive, special-interest publisher Immediate Media, owner of some of the UK’s best-loved brands, has transformed its sales approach, shaping its digital ad portfolio and informing its future strategy. The introduction of the world’s first real-time DMP enabled Immediate to reveal hidden unique audiences to offer advertisers, resulting in record audience revenues and a better, and more personalised, user experience. Before Permutive, Immediate was 80% blind to the audiences in their network. Now it’s seeing 80% coverage (and growing), unlocking audiences it couldn’t previously activate, in real-time.


Tell us the story

Permutive provides real-time access to a publisher’s audience behaviour allowing it to make decisions that better monetise and engage each individual. Its technology is built on edge computing, with data processing taking place on the device that generates the data rather than the cloud this means that it doesn’t rely on third-party cookies to work. The enables Permutive customers to collect and process all audience data in real-time, meaning no more discrepancies with match rates and a considerable improvement on scale (usually around 7x). The first step for Immediate Media was to deploy Permutive’s technology across its network. Immediate then took some of the more custom variables on the page, passing that data through the platform. For instance, on BBC Good Food data is collected down to an ingredients and recipe level, allowing the creation of audience segments such as vegans. There are now upwards of 120 data points that are linked to a user ID and can react in real-time on around half of the publisher’s sites. Using Permutive’s analytics tools, Immediate is now able to apply the data it has across a much broader range of media 1 of 3 buys. It can overlay customer and consumer insights onto its targeted, contextual buys in a ready-made manner that adds value to clients. Additionally, Immediate has changed the way it sells to clients, reshaped its teams and ramped up its focus on data. With the ability to uncover scale the sales team is now able to better sell that inventory.


The Results

Immediate can now show advertisers a number of key success metrics beyond clickthrough including bounce-back rate, dwell time, brand engagement and brand uplift. The digital ads team saw in October a month-on-month increase in revenue of 135%. A seven-fold increase in inventory compared with its existing partner for like-for-like targeted audiences An audience increase from 80% to 230% for audiences using 8+ extra data points Increase CTR an average of 132% compared with the incumbent segment “It is a no-brainer to onboard new technology which is genuinely unique and market-leading. Why wouldn’t we harness that power?” Matthew Rance, Commercial Audiences Manager, Immediate Media “We did take a bit of a gamble...Permutive has delivered on everything and more.” Dominic Perkins, Digital Advertising Strategy Director, Immediate Media.

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