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Best Commercial Partnership

Congratulations to VICE Film School who are the winners of Best Commercial Partnership


Elevator Pitch

Today, many young filmmakers are looking to get their foot in the film industry door. But paths into the industry are difficult. University is prohibitively expensive and opportunities outside of that are limited. When Panasonic Lumix – makers of credible documentary filmmaking cameras – approached us, the result was obvious. Use a brand truth to add value to the culture that underpins VICE. In the first year we focused on getting a basic curriculum live that could tell the story of how we approach documentary filmmaking here at VICE, shot on Lumix gear and amplified it via a brand new platform.

Set the scene

In 2017, LUMIX approached VICE to help position their LUMIX G product range as credible cameras to film documentary content on, and to elevate their status amongst discerning filmmakers. LUMIX are makers of quality film cameras but lack the army of advocates possessed by Canon & Nikon. Armed with that brand truth, our insight around filmmaking, and a common goal, we launched VICE Film School. A first of its kind, a standalone platform filled with video lessons, a physical masterclass, an events series and a bursary program, where VICE can share decades of ‘warts and all’ knowledge, all enabled by LUMIX.


Tell us the story

Broadly speaking, VICE Film School is a virtual film school, and is made up of two main elements that were activated from March to November 2018:

Firstly, a multimedia guide that features practical advice and first-hand perspectives from VICE staff as well as technical input from Panasonic. The digital element of this is presented as seven modules that feature anecdotal stories of VICE’s filmmaking heritage. The second of those seven modules is the Kit Room – a series of how-to tutorial videos shot exclusively on the LUMIX GH5 that teach students the fundamentals of equipment setup in specific shooting scenarios – which serves as the branded content element of the partnership. VICE additionally co-produced a free events series that invited speakers from the filmmaking world to discuss access, diversity and the future of documentary filmmaking technology. Secondly, VICE Film School’s ’WonderVisions Workshop’ offered a nation-wide talent programme to showcase LUMIX kit’s capabilities and reinforce their support of young filmmakers. This talent initiative invited aspiring filmmakers to send in their pitch ideas, with a chance to produce their first film alongside VICE’s guidance and LUMIX equipment. From hundreds of entries, five finalists were invited to workshop their ideas at a VICE Masterclass. The overall winner was Jordy Walker, whose film about a surfing community who routinely brave not just freezing cold winter waters but also intense industrial pollution to catch waves off the coasts of England’s Northeast, was filmed over the summer of 2018 and premiered at Raindance Film Festival.


The results

To date we’ve delivered 7MM video views to a young film makers audience of 5.3MM, but most importantly a significant perception shift demonstrated by the results of a brand study managed by Nielsen. The VICE Film School + LUMIX partnership led to a whopping 34% increase in perceptions of LUMIX as a camera brand which supports young filmmakers, which in turn increased brand favourability by 15%. When the target audience were exposed to the partnership, LUMIX was significantly more likely to be one of the first brands considered when the target audience were in market too - an uplift of 14%. The launch of our second year of collaboration is imminent too...

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