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Digital Publishing Rising Star 2018

Congratulations to Immediate Media Co who are the winners of Digital Publishing Rising Star 2018

Your ’Elevator Pitch’


Alex’s collaborative, creative approach has allowed her to progress quickly from digital writer to digital editor and to gain significant wins for the olive brand and wider Immediate Media portfolio.


Your ’Nomination’


Since Alex took on the role of acting web editor, and most recently digital editor,’s stats have increased dramatically (+176% users, +169% sessions, +185% page views). Alex achieved this rapid growth by identifying key goals for the small team in order to use the limited resource available to optimum effect. In a huge SEO project, Alex led the team to streamline and re-format digital content. The results speak for themselves, as olive now achieves 79% of page views through organic traffic, having previously relied on social media referral.

Alex’s collaborative approach is evident through her work with the subscriptions team, resulting in a 467% increase in paid-for subscriptions from website referral alone.

Alex’s commercial instincts manifest themselves in her affiliate and referral work. She reached out to bigger brands within the Immediate Media portfolio to develop relationships, the biggest win being with the publisher’s most profitable brand, Radio Times. An example of this partnership is the recent Hamilton restaurants piece (, gaining momentum from’s most successful affiliate feature. This has resulted in referral traffic to olive’s website and the brand being cited by the well-established Radio Times brand as an industry expert, significantly boosting brand awareness.

Alex has taken this collaborative approach one step further by identifying that streamlined ways of working provide much better commercial results, so she set up a social media group for all brands and central teams at Immediate Media. Within the first few months, the group gained attention from external social media platforms, as well as establishing a more streamlined and time-efficient approach within the central subscriptions, advertising and legal teams. This is one of many examples of how Alex’s collaborative, commercial and creative approach will allow her to continue rising in the digital publishing sector.



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