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Best Media Technology Partner

Congratulations to LolaGrove for publishers, LolaGrove who are winners of Best Media Technology Partner

Best Media Technology Partner

Your “Elevator Pitch”


As a specialist data processor, our position is between buyers and sellers of subscribers. This entry showcases Publishers on the buy side, as well as their usual sell side, and how we could deliver campaign success, revenues and efficiencies.


The platform itself allows buyers and sellers to run flexible commercial agreements, to have transparency, and achieve mutually best outcomes.


We are for Publishers. In an industry where Publishers’ opportunities to compete, despite their positions as subject-matter experts, are ever decreasing against the big players, we develop solutions that mean they can compete and respond to market demands quickly and effectively.



Set the scene


Subscriber-acquisition campaigns commissioned by Publishers tend towards two main goals: reduce the ‘effective’ cost-per-subscriber and increase conversion rates. Since 2016, we have worked with The Economist and CDS Global (sales partner to major publishing houses) to achieve these goals in their subscriber-acquisition activity.


Bauer Media, Auto Trader and Dennis Publishing’s goals were aligned towards driving revenues from their automotive websites. Bauer Media’s existing email programme was labour-intensive, despite its potential. As a latecomer to ‘new’ car lead-generation, Auto Trader wanted to accelerate delivering automotive manufacturer prospects. Dennis Publishing wanted a solution to provide car valuations, alongside reviews and news.



Tell us the story


The Economist: LolaGrove’s Identity Dynamics (“ID”) was deployed to validate and verify the data accuracy, to save ad-spend going to unserviceable prospects (incorrect telephone) and the call-centre team trying to call them. Developments have included channel and geo expansion, pre-send suppression (of customer and unsubscribe files) and consent documentation for GDPR using LolaGrove’s Provenance.


Condé Nast & CDS Global: LolaGrove was integrated with CDS Global to deliver them verified prospects for telephone follow-up for Condé Nast. ID rejects unserviceable records, and Logistics feeds back the sales outcomes to optimise ad-spend and determine a prospect’s ‘lifetime’ value. Developments have included expansion across all titles and a nurturing programme.


Bauer Media: Bauer specified a programmatic AI platform with LolaGrove to automate their existing email programme. Lolamatic sends targeted commercial emails to a Parkers valuation user, based on their current car model, inviting them to engage with the brand. Lolamatic provides Bauer the opportunity to run direct and programmatic campaigns with the added capability of using a ‘bid’ system for non targeted sends.


Auto Trader: LolaGrove is the primary ID and Logistics platform for 18 of the main automotive brands in the UK market, so when Auto Trader wanted to begin delivering prospects to them, using LolaGrove was the fastest and most efficient way to launch.


Dennis Publishing: To allow Publishers like Dennis to generate valuation records for Lolamatic, and acquire a new revenue stream through programmatic email sends, LolaGrove developed a widget called It occupies a standard display placement on the website so that users can do a valuation on-site.



The Results


The Economist:

Identity Dynamics results: 23% rejected as duplicates, 8% rejected as unserviceable.

Prospect-to-sale conversion rate was increased by 30%.

Average cost-per-subscriber has been reduced by 40%.


Condé Nast:

Identity Dynamics results: 22.6% rejected as unserviceable.

Ad-spend savings: 29% (not including the time and resource savings from following up on unserviceable records)


Bauer Media:

Lolamatic solution not only reduced person hours spent on original email programme it significantly reduced send times giving users real time offers to help them in their car buying journey. Lolamatic open rates increased by 21% Lolamatic click through rates increased by 28%


Auto Trader:

Single integration allowing to go live straight away with 7 automotive brands, and a potential further 11


Dennis Publishing:

Widget is in beta, so no statistics available yet for results. Please visit any article on to see in action.






The Economist: "By utilising Lolagrove’s suite of data processing services, we have been able to improve the performance of our customer acquisition activities." Dhiren Patel, Digital Marketing Specialist, eDM for The Economist


CDS Global: "LolaGrove has played an important role in removing un-serviceable enquiries before they reach my telemarketing team, this saves them time and allows them to focus on converting new paying subscribers from enquiries that are definitely serviceable and contactable." Russell Paterson, Training and Sales Manager at CDS Global


Bauer Media: “Lolamatic is a key data solution system that allows us to successfully deliver commercial email campaigns in real time. Lola provides real return on investment for us as a business and provides confidence to our clients that their campaign will perform each period.” Jim Burton, Digital Commercial Director at Bauer Media


Tootle: "We’ve been really pleased with the results from LolaGrove. Due to the speed of service and the advanced targeting abilities of the Lolamatic platform we’ve had access to high quality, real-time leads which has resulted in the best conversion rates of all our marketing channels. LolaGrove partners were key contributors to us selling over £1,000,000 worth of vehicles in August 2017." Amy Buckley - Digital Director at Tootle


Potential D (Mercedes Benz): “Potential D Ltd Purchase Conquest Data (New Customers) exclusively for Mercedes Benz Cars UK Ltd. We have an excellent relationship with Lolamatic. They have demonstrated a very high level of product knowledge and seamless interpretation of our requirements. The day to day Account Management continues to be exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Lolamatic to ensure you maintain a very high ROI regarding Lead Generation and Email Marketing.” Dave Watson, Director of Potential D Ltd


Dennis Publishing: “We have rolled out a LolaGrove solution across our automotive websites. Since partnering with LolaGrove, we have found their software and technical expertise to be exemplary. LolaGrove are an agile company who have taken great care to understand our corporate values and requirements, instilling confidence throughout the business. We look forward to working together to generate more revenue during 2018 and onwards”. Pete Wootton, MD Dennis Digital



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