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Best Digital B2B Publishing Company 2018

Congratulations to Infopro Digital who are winners of Best Digital B2B Publishing Company 2018

Your ’Elevator Pitch’


2017 saw new ownership, fantastic financial performance, better user engagement and substantial digital subscription growth.


Total digital revenue grew by 8% YoY putting £2m on the topline. Ads, leads and native increased 6% YoY. This was despite a challenging Dollar/Pound exchange rate, falling -9% during 2017. Impacting 33% of our subscription revenues.


A new in-house built Drupal ‘user experience platform’ accelerated all user KPIs with sessions up 51.5% YoY to 8.5m, users up 12% YoY to 3.6m, and average time on page up 44.54% YoY to 3 mins.



Set The Scene


The objective was to deliver improved costs and site performance, a personalised subscriber experience, increased ad viewability, and facilitate a move to CPH advertising.


Our Risk, FX, Central Banking, Technology and Insurance brands have successfully transitioned to digital enterprise subscriptions, over the last three years, which demanded a significant improvement in user experience, site speed, ease of use, content discovery and customer service.


This contributes to our commercial success. Engaged users, that find the site easy to use with advanced functions such as personalisation, followable topics and individual user libraries, deliver better renewal rates and increased subscription spend.


User intelligence, drives our native, lead and advertising targeting both on and off site, and has resulted in CPM rates growing by 30% during the last 12 months to an average of £150 across the portfolio of sites, bucking all industry trends.


The Brexit and Trump world is creating immense uncertainty, and a keener focus on risk management, regulation, compliance and best practice. Our content strategy, personalisation tools and financial models are tuned to maximise this opportunity, as our results show.



Tell Us The Story


Our digital business is built on enterprise subscriptions (known users) in financial markets who are time poor, and demand high quality subscriptions tools to get what they need out of our content and information services.


Our sites did not allow us to maximise this commercial opportunity. Response times for services such as search were not fast enough, and there was no personalisation.

Increased seats on corporate accounts have seen a 13% cash increase. Cash is a key subscriptions KPI as it spotlights growth and drives long term revenue growth.


Personalised “My(Brand)” services such as follow topics, saved articles and suggested reading based on user segments (using Cxense) have increased engagement KPIs with sessions up 51.5% YoY to 8.5m, users up 12% YoY to 3.6m, and average time on page up 44.54% YoY to 3 mins.


This has driven up volume renewal rates, from 81% to 85% YoY, and the open rates for our follow topic newsletters are twice as good as normal newsletters 28% vs 13%.


Display CTR has increased by 5x (to 0.26%), viewability is now over 80% with 50% of all ads served being 100% in view for over 5 seconds, allowing a Cost-Per-Hour offering, and

Advertisers also get an Ad guarantee on quality and human traffic.


Our new Drupal system give users a better experience and allows us to target corporate end users with tailored messaging. This has improved subscription volume and renewals and driven up advertising results, revenue and yield.



The Results

  • Digital revenue up 8% YoY putting £2m on the topline
  • Marketing services revenues (ads, leads and native) up 6% YoY
  • Subscriptions up £1.6m (14% YoY) and is now 58% of total revenue, despite a challenging Dollar/Pound exchange rate (falling -9% during 2017) which accounts for 33% of our subscription revenues.
  • Companies subscribing up to 3,000 (25% YoY)
  • Average subscription value up to £3000 (11% YoY)
  • Client engagement for all sites (number of customers logged in) up 23% YoY
  • Volume renewal rate have increased from 81% to 85% YoY
  • Requested Free Trial conversion rate up 10% YOY
  • Open rates for follow topics newsletters twice as good as normal newsletters 28%vs 13%
  • Reduced digital running costs 20% YoY

Site speed improved from 2.5 secs server response time to 0.6 secs improving page load and Google rank



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