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Digital Sales Team of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Time Inc UK who are the winners of Digital Sales Team of the Year 2017



Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


Time Inc’s biggest year ever!

20% yoy revenue growth driven by

Core strategy around the 3s’s:

  • Scale – Delivering premium audiences at scale both O+O and off site
  • Sell – Focus on delivering clients KPIs
  • Service – Best in class service throughout the buying process

Restructured the entire sales department from brand centric to client centric. Giving clients one point of access to 50+ brands, whilst giving team’s access to all digital sales products.

Developed new products to meet client demands including the launch of Native product, suite of data products, video syndication of our brand content.



Set The Scene


-Restructuring entire sales team to sell across all brands, relocated across 7 global locations.
-Training all teams on new programmatic, data and native products.
-Delivering best in class service whilst partially transitioning the adops team overseas.
-Transparency of tech partners and buying platforms on data collecting tags diluting our data offering.
-Nonsupport of Flash players, pixels and wrappers affecting DMP trackers, viewability and creatives, slowing growth
in video.
-Migration of 50+ sites to one CMS, resulting in limited dev resource for commercial use.
-Growing revenues by 20% with O+O scale flat yoy.
-Integrating Collective team into Time Inc.


Tell Us The Story

Overcoming Challenges to deliver the Strategy and 20% growth yoy


  • Established team dedicated to migrating all players to HTML 5
  • Increased video scale by creating new syndication video network to deliver TIUK video content off site


  • Developed Time Inc. Intelligence (publisher trading desk) enabling us to run 1st party data campaigns at scale off site. Enabling the commercial team to offer the right audience at scale.
  • Developing ID based targeting product offering clients targeting capabilities across devices



  • Created new programmatic products including highly viewable PMPs and performance PMP targeted to DR clients. Opening up new revenue stream and delivering on clients KPIs of viewability.
  • Strategy focused on Programmatic Guaranteed revenues that delivered better contextual environments for our clients. Offering clients an automated buy whilst delivering in Time Inc’s premium environments.


New Products

  • Created, developed and successfully took to market a new Native product. Launch included intensive training sessions for all commercial and adops teams and the creation of a new content distribution team.
  • Working with multiple Tech Partners launched several new format products enabling the team to offer guaranteed viewability
  • Expanded the Marketing services team to offer full social media management for clients CMS Migration
  • Conducted full site audits of 60+ digital brands and standardized templates and adformats across all brands raising viewability by 20%
  • Migration also resulted in agility in deployment of new adformats across all brands



The Results


Increased Revenue

  1. Display revenue +8% yoy
  2. Overseas revenues +60% yoy
    Mobile revenue +30% yoy
    Video revenue +109% yoy
    Remnant yield +30%
    Sell through Rate up +3.4% yoy
    63,121,823 more add impressions sold


Innovative Offering
Programmatic direct revenue +212% yoy
+37% in revenue generated from Marketing Services
Native offering +£1.5m

Increased viewability of all ad placements by +7% and CTR’s by up to 11%
8% of Time Inc brands outperform the average of the Moat benchmarks


Future proofing
Established relationships with all UK trading desks
46 native campaigns run delivered across 22 million native impressions

Above and Beyond
Delivering a total of 2,671 desktop campaigns +3.8% yoy
Face to Face meetings +4% yoy
Spoke at 27 Industry events

Constant innovation creating market leading campaigns and new revenue streams resulted in TimeInc UK making more money than any other magazine publisher

Digital Sales Team of the Year 2017




Digital Sales Team of the Year 2017 sponsored by Circus Street

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