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Digital Sales Person of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Rebecca Reeve-Kendall, News UK who is the winner of Digital Sales Person of the Year 2017

Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


In less than one year, Rebecca Reeve-Kendall, Digital Sales Manager at The Sun, has achieved unprecedented success for The Sun’s digital team by championing and supporting The Sun’s new product and channel agnostic structure through sheer hard-work, dedication and passion. She has led from the front and launched a host of impressive firsts. She has achieved unparalleled uplifts in revenue YOY (+689%) and as a testament to her success; Rebecca has met 90% of her yearly sales targets in just six months. Externally Becci has been a real revelation due to her quality in responses, friendly approach and pro-active nature.


Set The Scene

In November 2015, The Sun removed its paywall with huge ambitions to deliver both fast-paced commercial growth and traffic to its website. Following the acquisitions of Unruly, Storyful, Wireless and creating new off-platform product offerings, The Sun needed to articulate how its digital product had diversified, quickly and efficiently. The sales team were tasked with this challenge in addition to challenging perceptions about the brand, whilst at the same time adopting a new sales agnostic structure. Joining just four months after the pay-wall went down, Rebecca was faced with new management, new team, new strategy, new products..… and huge targets.



Tell Us The Story

Rebecca has put The Sun’s digital team on the map. Not only has she been incredibly successful against her revenue targets, she’s the first person to sell and deliver major digital firsts for the company. She has been instrumental in helping the team create their first forays into branded video content. These include selling the Sun’s first branded social video campaign for Tesco, pitching the idea of a sponsored channel specifically for mum’s- Sun Mums - which quickly became The Sun’s most commercially successful channel. Her collaborative nature in the ideation process combined with her tenacity in dealing with agencies to get the right deal for all is one of the many reasons for Rebecca’s success.

Rebecca was also responsible for securing the first key sports sponsor for NOW TV, the first ever Unlocked deal for Betfair, the first person to incorporate programmatic as part of a centralised sales offering and the first person to sell a Storyful content campaign distributed through Unruly. She has excellent client relationships, and is able to effectively collaborate and exploit all opportunities. She does this by keeping both herself and clients up-to-speed on all the latest developments and offerings across an increasingly fragmented market. Most importantly, she always has the clients’ interests at the forefront of her approach, which is incredibly valuable.

Rebecca has also been instrumental mentoring the teams junior sales executives, supporting their sales training and development.

The Results


In her short time at The Sun, Rebecca has achieved a whopping +689% revenue growth YOY. Her biggest account, Tesco, has grown +801% YOY selling a total of seven digital campaigns, in comparison to the previous one.

She was tasked with growing revenue from 7 Stars in July last year and in six short months, grew the account by +304%. She has also won key new business from Suzuki, HMV & Iceland. Flying the News UK digital flag and selling outside of her titles- she’s sold an additional £120k worth of revenue for The ST/Times, again, all new business.

As a testament to her success, Rebecca met 90% of her yearly sales targets in just six months and exceeded her monthly and quarterly targets by an average of 38%. Her tenacity has won her Sales Person of The Week four times, and Sales Person of the Quarter twice.

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