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Digital Publisher of the Year: B2B 2017

Congratulations to Incisive Media who is the winner of Digital Publisher of the Year: B2B

Your ’Elevator Pitch’

2016 was a year that delivered stunning financial performance, better user engagement and subscription growth.

We maintained 20% year on year digital revenue growth putting a further £4.4m on the topline (£2.4m digital

Data was put at the heart of editorial and commercial operations, resulting in 18% YoY traffic growth to our websites, and £750k of new revenue from our native content unit.

Infrastructure was overhauled through a move to the cloud delivering six figure annual cost savings. We have lived up to the 2016 AOP judges verdict “We are not just a market leader but an industry leader”.


Set The Scene

All of our 10 key IT and financial markets are experiencing market growth, regulatory change and experiencing rapid technological change which creates the “perfect storm” for high value B2B information and sponsorship, and is a driver for our stellar growth across financial and user metrics.

With systems in place and websites redesigned in 2015 we were able to improve metrics across the board, to grow revenue, bottom line profits, user engagement and traffic.

All staff have been focused on performance and a reader centred model, and we have used technology to introduce innovations in auto renewing subscriptions, lead generation, our webinar platform and content personalisation.

An ambitious rebuild of our digital backend has also started in 2016 on Drupal 8 laying the foundations for better content optimization and personalization in 2017


Tell Us The Story

Our integrated user centric business model has been fine-tuned during 2016 to build our audience and strengthen its engagement with our digital products, and a greater focus has been put on data and content surfacing to drive growth in subscription and marketing services revenues.

Reorganisation of the editorial teams in 2015 has allowed us to focus on a performance culture which focuses on user engagement and content effectiveness. User engagement is critical for both subscription renewals and commercial effectiveness and our engagement index measure pre, during and post activity to create a composite index number which is tracked on a weekly basis. Similarly the introduction of the red/green flag report shows all of our editors and journalists how each brand, office and individual has performed, and is a powerful way to ensure our stories are connecting with our audience. These tools have resulted in 32% increase in user sessions, 195% increase in time on site.

We use Cxense to provide individually personalised content recommendations and ad targeting. This is achieved by combining user behaviour metrics on our websites and apps, 1st party user demographic data and detailed semantic analysis of the sites’ content.

Key strategic decisions involved testing new ways to deliver our information to our social media readers in the format that they digest best thus capitalising on our objectives of increased traffic, increased engagement and growth of audiences.

Our rules of thumb are: Change, Adapt, Test, Engage, Monitor and Measure.

The Results


1. Total digital revenue growth of 20% YoY (£4.4M)
2. 48% YoY digital subscriptions revenue growth (£2.4m)
3. Digital event revenue growth up £1m YoY
4. All products achieving growth. With 4 out of 5 seeing double digit percentage growth YoY
5. Client engagement (number of customers logged in) improved by 33%
6. This directly impacts renewal rate volumes, which have increased from 75% to 81%
7. Requested Free Trial conversion rate improved by 20% YOY
8. Introduction of automatic renewals delivered 25% uplift (£136k) against a norm of 14%
9. 32% increase in user sessions YoY
10. 195% increase in time on site YoY

Digital Publisher of the Year: B2B 2017

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