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Digital Editorial / Content Development Team of the Year: B2B 2017

Congratulations to Dezeen who are the winners of Digital Editorial / Content Development Team of the Year: B2B



Your ’Elevator Pitch’

This was Dezeen’s best-ever year in terms of audience, business and reputation. We became the most popular architecture and design website in the world (source: Alexa) and the one with the most reader comments (source: Comment 1000) We became THE political voice for our industry after Brexit, creating a manifesto signed by practically every well-known figure in UK design, which led to government issuing a statement of support for the industry. We completely redesigned our website to make it as beautiful as the projects we write about. And we launched the world’s first data-driven survey of architecture and design media.


Set The Scene

–At the start of 2016 we faced a huge drop in direct traffic to the Dezeen homepage. Page views were flatlining and our comments section was in decline due to trolling.

–Referrals were down from Facebook, which was prioritising video, and from Twitter, which had declined in popularity. And our audience was switching to Instagram.

–To ensure growth, we had to overhaul our approach on these platforms, improve SEO ranking, AND deliver a rapid increase in newsletter subscribers.

–Brexit threw our entire business model up in the air, with a sharp downturn in UK recruitment revenue that impacted editorial budgets.


Tell Us The Story

Redesign: We invested heavily in redesigning our site, creating a more upmarket and sophisticated brand image. Led by new editor Amy Frearson, our team worked hard to deliver a strong but varied mix of news, projects, opinion columns, interviews, movies and features. The impact was immediate – November, the month after we relaunched, was our best ever, with 2.6 million visits.

Dezeen Hot List: We launched an innovative new product: a survey of the architecture and design world based entirely on audience data. We analysed over 100 million page views and hundreds of thousands of search returns to offer an in-depth analysis of the newsworthiness of key forces and emerging players. The project helped improve our web rankings, thanks to links from major companies and institutions.

Audience growth: We bet big on short-form video as a way of growing our social audiences and we developed innovative ways of growing our newsletter audiences to drive referrals.

Brexit Design Manifesto: We showed our willingness to take a stance by tackling the biggest political story of our generation. Our Brexit Design Manifesto was a pitch to government on the importance of supporting our sector, signed by everyone from Richard Rogers to Thomas Heatherwick, and hundreds more. It led to a dinner with, and statement of support from, the culture minister, allowing us to establish a valuable channel of communication with the government.

Brand collaborations: Our new website allowed us to produce compelling content partnerships for brands including MINI ( and Bolon (

The Results


Record traffic: unique visitors up nearly 11 percent to over 20 million and visits up 8.5 percent to almost 50 million. It marked the 10th year of double-digit audience, as well as revenue growth.

Explosive social media growth: our video push delivered a 70 percent increase in social media audience, including a 188 percent rise in Instagram followers to 900K, and a 31 percent rise in Facebook followers to 700K. It increased referrals by 10 percent.

We had 30 million video plays on Facebook alone, making us the dominant design brand on the platform. Dramatic newsletter subscription growth: subscribers up 67 percent, giving us a combined total of 200,000 subscribers. It increased referrals by 20 percent.

In recognition of these achievements, founder Marcus Fairs became the first ever digital journalist to be named an


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