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Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2017

Congratulations to The Telegraph who are the winners of Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2017

Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


The Telegraph decided to tackle the viewability issue head on. The TMG Ad Ops team were tasked with finding a solution that worked for both our consumers and commercial business. We pulled together a cross functional team that delivered an innovative approach to the problem that challenged the current thinking.


Our solution challenged the status quo of viewability delivery by creating a 100% in view product for 10 seconds. The Ad Ops team drove this product through the business, bringing all the teams together that needed to be involved. It was a true team effort.



Set The Scene


Viewability was the key issue for the advertising industry in 2016. It had the potential to negatively impact revenue if we decided to do nothing so we had to act quickly to find solutions that would deliver viewable ads without reducing inventory and revenue.


When we looked at the IAB standard we didn’t believe one second of viewability time went far enough and we decided to put ourselves in the Marketing Director’s shoes. What did they want? Our goal was to be industry leaders for viewability and we were set the challenge of delivering 100% viewability for 10 seconds.



Tell Us The Story


The first task was for the ad operations team to set up a cross functional team consisting of ad operations, sales, analysts and UX and design. We looked at how people were using the website and set up new reporting metrics across ad call times, ad load times and ad render times. We also looked at how long people were spending reading our articles.


A few concepts were developed that we tested with our users and quickly came up with a 100% in view ad product that refreshed. We A/B tested and found out that in order to deliver 10 secs of viewable time we needed the ad to refresh every 15 secs (to account for ad render discrepancies). We also found out during this testing that it did not negatively impact user engagement on the site and in fact our editorial colleagues loved it as we went down to one ad per page, less ad calls on initial download and no page janking.


The ad model launched in July 2016, the Ad Ops team were responsible for educating the sales teams and held several workshops to ensure they understood the offering.


The Ad Ops team were then responsible for the success of the model, ensuring that the campaigns delivered what we had promised in terms of viewabilty and volumes but also achieved high CTR’s.


"The TMG Adops team have been pivotal in the success of this product, helping change the way The Telegraph is viewed within the digital market"

The Results


In the take to market strategy our 100% Viewable for 10 secs product was branded Premium Guaranteed and we had to educate the market on a new way of thinking about the ad impression and viewability. We have successfully ran 43 campaigns against Premium Guaranteed since July 2016, delivering the premium KPI’s we promised.


For advertisers/clients who choose to not pay the premium for 10 second guarantee, our overall site viewability score has now moved to 95% where we have implemented it. This is great news for agencies with viewability KPI’s and also our entire revenue model by driving more programmatic business our way.


Commercially, this new approach has also increased available inventory by 31%.

Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2017




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