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Best Use of Social Media 2017

Congratulations to The Independent and i100 who are the winners of Best Use of Social Media 2017



Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


The digital-only Independent has cemented is a world-leading site on social. Newswhip shows it to be the most shared news brand globally on Brexit: we were also the only UK publisher in the top 10 most engaged sites for the US election. We published the two most shared Facebook posts in the world (an Olympics chef feeding Rio’s poor; and a refugee competitor who saved lives) about the Rio Olympics. We also had the most engaged link post in the 24 hours
after the London attack - how Muslim leaders raised thousands for terror victims in just under an hour.


Set The Scene

The world changed in the past year – and so did The Independent.

In March 2016, a bold decision was taken: to save The Independent, we had close the print edition. As news of Brexit and Trump followed, that transformation – decried, ironically, as retrograde by critics – enabled The Independent to exploit fully the opportunities of digital publishing, transforming a newspaper into a major global force for liberal values, trustworthy news and agenda-setting comment. Our small but unusually talented team made it into a success. Social media in particular – just a few strong - played a huge role.


Tell Us The Story

It is important to us that, after losing money for decades, The Independent is now profitable again. For many years, digital-sceptics have questioned whether online revenues alone can sustain “proper” newsrooms offering the same depth of coverage across everything from news to sport to business to comment and so on. The answer for The Independent is an emphatic “yes”. There are now well over 100 journalists in the editorial team, up from 50 at the start of




The Results


We have reached 291,899,227 people on Facebook (February 2017). We are also the most retweeted news brand in Britain (CrowdTangle), with a 95% yearon- year increase in our y-o-y traffic from Reddit.

  • Publishcheck data shows the Independent leadings the way in average number of shares per article for 1 July-31 December 2016
  • Total shares Average shares
    Independent 61m 1.8k
    Guardian 106m 1.1k
    Telegraph 36m 0.7k
    BBC 112m 0.7k

Top RTs from British publishers

  • Account Retweets
    The Independent 4,358,063
    The Guardian 4,291,732
    Daily Mail Online 1,715,913
    The Telegraph 1,145,064
    Daily Mirror 738,135
  • The Independent FB page grew by 56%, fastest of UK quality newspaper sites: added 2.2m new fans.

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