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Best Use of Data 2017

Congratulations to DAX & Haymarket who are the winners of Best Use of Data 2017



The Elevator Pitch


Since DAX launched in 2014 we’ve been developing our audience proposition to offer something unique in market; with data targeted audio firmly established we wanted to expand our proposition.

Demand for premium intent data growth combined with a lack of second party data availability gave us the opportunity to lead the way in building publisher data-sharing partnerships for use across DAX.


In doing so, we have built a model that is mutually beneficial to ourselves and other publishers, while also providing the advertisers with the quality, transparency and addressability they require when carrying out data-driven campaigns.


Set The Scene

Advertisers now require more sophisticated and accurate targeting than simple demographics or modelled data. The activation of second party data – which maintains the purity of first party while also improving the scale of delivery, was relatively untapped.

Given the value of intent data - publishers are highly protective of their data sets, with little legal or technical precedent to activate it across other media platforms.

DAX second party data partnerships met advertisers’ and data owners’ needs. This enabled access to the best sources of intent data in a transparent way, via a unique and premium environment.


Tell Us The Story


Autos was the obvious choice to implement the idea, as advertisers in this category have a particularly high interest in accessing intent data rather than simply fitting an age and gender profile. Haymarket, with best-in-class auto’s data from publications including WhatCar and Autocar, were an ideal partner.

Haymarket were enthusiastic about partnering with DAX. They understood that, by doing so, they would be able to monetise their data in a premium digital advertising environment. It complemented, rather than conflicted with their display activity. This was a key factor that differentiated the DAX data partnership proposition.


This would be the first time that Haymarket had made their data available to another publisher, thus creating a
media first.

Once agreed in principle; the DAX team worked with our ad tech and DMP providers to sync Haymarket’s segments with the DAX audio ad server and activate them across the digital audio universe. Additionally, we wrote the legal basis for the relationship as a standard for the industry, making sure to protect the value of Haymarket’s dataset.


The next step was to find a suitable advertiser. We knew that Audi had a history of being innovative in audio so we approached them about the opportunity to be a launch partner. They were looking for a way to target premium auto intenders to drive potential customers for a campaign-specific used approved car site and saw this partnership as a great way to extend the work they were already doing with Haymarket with display inventory.

The Results


We created a solution that enabled Audi to reach known in-market Audi shoppers and Audi competitors via digital audio. Our Listener ID measurement tool identified that DAX powered by Haymarket data drove 6.3x more visits per visitor than average. It also accounted for 13% of all traffic to the site during the campaign period - thus proving the effectiveness of using premium 2nd party data in a digital audio environment.

The demonstrable success in using premium auto data has also resulted in a growth of DAX’s second party data partnerships. DAX now has integrations with Immediate Media, Dennis and TVGuide, along with a further six partnerships scheduled to complete this year. Therefore, we have made significant progress in breaking down barriers in second party data and have enabled advertisers to access higher quality and more sophisticated data solutions in the digital space.

Best Use of Data 2017

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