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Best Online Media Property or Brand: Consumer 2017

Congratulations to BBC Worldwide who are the winners of Best Online Media Property or Brand: Consumer 2017



Your ‘Elevator Pitch’, is the UK’s most visited food site. And our userbase is still growing: in Dec2016 we attracted 23m UU’s, up 12%YOY and reaches 2 in 5 of the UK digital population.

Our dominance within our vertical, and our skill in building partnerships and programmatic trading, have delivered digital revenue growth of 18%, profit growth of 21% and profit margin of 38%.

Underlying everything, we do is a determination to build on our reputation as a heritage brand to win new audiences and revenue streams. We continue to evolve to reflect the changing ways in which our audience consumes content.


Set The Scene

With the rapid shift to programmatic trading, mobile consumption of media distribution of content across 3rd party platforms, 2016 arguably saw more disruption for the digital publishing industry than had been seen in the previous five years.

While the industry as a whole has struggled to monetise mobile traffic to the same level as desktop, we have recorded our best ever year-on-year revenue growth (we are forecasting to achieve revenue growth of 18% and profit growth of 21% which is no mean feat as market leader). Our mobile and tablet traffic is now 71%.


Our particular vertical in the food space has become intensely crowded, with giants such as Buzzfeed Tasty, US market entrants such as All Recipes, and a myriad of influencers from Joe Wicks to Deliciously Ella, all vying for audience and advertising.

With an editorial team of 5, and a product development team of 4, we have had to be smart and place our bets wisely to maintain our position and continue to appeal to new audiences.


Tell Us The Story

How do you take an established brand with high journalistic values and lead it into an aggressive and crowded digital marketplace, grow a new, younger audience and prosper financially without diluting core values? It’s a challenge has taken on over the last year, which is now delivering across almost every metric you care to choose.

We’ve we built upon this stellar bedrock to take our award-winning advice beyond the kitchen – with thousands of videos, guides, tools and infographics, focusing on our editorial verticals of health, family, travel and reviews. In January 2017, these content areas alone brought in a combined total of 12.5m page views. Our contributors include leading authorities such as British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, The Food Standard’s agency as well as revered food experts and writers.

In the last year, the health content hub has become the fastest growing area of, attracting 8 million unique users monthly. With a core focus Good Food’s bi-annual, cross-platform healthy diet plan – with a following of 160k subscribers and a record-breaking newsletter open rates of 80% and CTR of 45%.

With our audience demanding new and innovative ways to interact with content, video has been a key focus for over the past year, focusing on creating 3-5-minute technique videos as well as short, shareable content. Taking the content off platform and directly to the audience has seen staggering engagement in the millions.


The Results is now the clear UK market leader, double the size of our closest competitor, AllRecipes
(Comscore, Dec2016).

Revenues are up 18% and profit is up 21% YOY, out-performing the market in a very competitive landscape.
To achieve that revenue growth we have:

• Developed our content proposition for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, contributing to user growth of 13% YOY,
reaching 23m uniques in Dec2016.
• Improved viewability to build advertiser confidence – doubling our overall scores to be market leading at >60%.
• Invested further in SEO, consolidating our position at the top of Google rankings for recipe search-terms.
• Experimented with new forms of video, growing our video views by 20% YOY.
• Encouraging more user interaction – we now have 8k member recipes versus our 10k professionally-created ones.
• Developing key commercial partnerships, we now have 10+ commercial partnerships each worth over £100k pa in
cross-platform advertising.


Best Online Media Property or Brand: Consumer 2017

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