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Best Native Advertising Campaign 2017

Congratulations to Aol who are the winners of Best Native Advertising Campaign 2017

Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


Michelin’s "Car Connections" campaign on MSN explored the world of auto enthusiasts and those moments when people with a shared passion come together and make a connection. The campaign travelled the world meeting these enthusiasts - from owners of beat-up Beetles to classic Ferraris, filming with Keanu Reeves at the 24 hours of Le Mans and Eric Bana making a connection with Valentino Rossi. It was a rich, engaging area of content that Michelin could talk to with authority and used native advertising formats on MSN and Aol’s BeOn video network to

deliver huge numbers of visits, views and engagement.


Set The Scene

Michelin wanted to raise brand awareness amongst their target audience of auto enthusiasts in the UK, US, FR, DE, ES and IT. They needed a global publishing partner offering this audience and with the know-how to create bespoke native advertising content, film some truly famous petrol heads and distribute the video content to the right audience.


Tell Us The Story

Michelin wanted to be at the centre of those moments when people with a shared passion for autos come together and make a connection. A simple strategy but with numerous stakeholders this called for a highly collaborative approach.


Weekly meetings were held between Michelin, MEC, TBWA and the Partner Studios team at AOL (who executed the campaign on MSN and BeOn) to co-develop campaign content. Together we pooled ideas, contacts and expertise to create a content calendar around key auto events, topics and races where Michelin had a presence.


Finding the audience
MSN offered a dedicated Cars Channel and autos-hungry audience in the UK, US, FR, DE, IT and ES. Within this channel we created a native hub for Michelin called Car Connections, populated with native content formats familiar to the audience. We also distributed our videos in a native player that sat on relevant autos titles in the BeOn
publisher network.

Interesting stories
We worked with Michelin, MEC and MSN’s local market editors to identify the subjects and events that would
resonate with readers globally. We commissioned expert motoring journalists and worked closely with Michelin, whose contacts helped us film Keanu Reeves with fellow petrol heads at Le Mans, and Eric Bana talking bikes with Valentino Rossi at the Australian MotoGP.

Brand authenticity
Michelin is a brand that is uniquely positioned to talk about shared passions for cars and bikes with authenticity. The strong content combined with native formats delivered great engagement, dwell and visits.

The Results


The collaboration put into making sure campaign content resonated across all the markets and effective use of native advertising formats meant we over-delivered on our goal. Over the course of the six-month campaign, we produced 480 pieces of content across the 6 markets with some outstanding results:

BeOn video performance
2.4 million video views across auto publishers on the BeOn network
9% average CTR on the BeOn video player unit performed above benchmark

MSN native hub performance
1.1 million visits to native content
8 million+ page views
2+ minutes average dwell time
Average 7 pages per visit



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