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Best Media Technology Partner 2017

Congratulations to Centaur Media and MMT Digital who are the winners of Best Media Technology Partner 2017

Your ‘Elevator Pitch’


In partnership with MMT, Centaur Media has created Online Classroom, a digital learning platform that helps our audience to train while they work. Centaur Media’s transition from traditional publish to digital media company has been challenging but the technology partnership with MMT Digital has enabled us to commercialise content by turning videos and magazine articles and reports into comprehensive training programmes. The Online Classroom pilot programme - The Mini MBA in Marketing, presented by Mark Ritson - has demonstrated an appetite among our audience for training to enable them to do their jobs better.



Set The Scene


Online Classroom is an entirely new business model for Centaur Media. While the business had established a range of successful educational conferences and public training, the business didn’t have any heritage in elearning. The Online Classroom team had also never built a digital platform of any kind but with some agile training, and with technology partner MMT Digital, a pilot platform was developed in just six weeks.



Tell Us The Story


Research indicated that the Marketing Week audience, and indeed other Centaur brands, including Creative Review and Econsultancy, that our audience wanted more training to enable them to do their jobs better. They look to many of Centaur’s business brands to help them to understand their industry, climb the ladder and make them feel more confident. We decided to launch an Online Classroom pilot with technology partner MMT to test if we could create a business model that would both benefit our audiences, productise our content, and become a leading learning provider. Marketing Week and Professor Mark Ritson teamed up and created the Mini MBA in Marketing programme because that audience in particular wanted more training, and Ritson was considered to be a leading industry voice. Further research indicated that our idea to create a CPD-accredited programme by producing 12 45-minute video lectures presented by Mark Ritson and providing further course material from Marketing Week articles, along with a final essay-based assessment, was the right learning model. The pilot Online Classroom was rolled out last September and has been overwhelmingly successful - opening the Marketing Week brand up to a new audience, and demonstrating that Online Classroom could be rolled out to other brands within Centaur. The marketing and creative division (which includes a digital learning subscription service Econsultancy, and Design Week - as well as the wider business) felt that an elearning platform could be applied across the business - turning content into a valuable educational tool for our audience.

The Results


The Results Our 300 sign-up target for the MW Mini MBA in Marketing programme was exceeded with 425 students completing the programme, beating expectations by 25%. This demonstrated Online Classroom was a viable business model. The Mini MBA in Marketing programme has an NPS score of +90 - - many commented on the easy of use of the Online Classroom built by technology partners MMT. Online classroom enabled Marketing Week to reach an entirely new audience - 75% of students who booked onto the course had never interacted with Marketing Week (in print, online or through events). The wider impact across Centaur is the Online Classroom has created a blueprint that can be scaled across the business. It has already been rolled out to Econsultancy (Fast Track Digital Training) with The Lawyer and Money Marketing amongst others considering Online Classroom.

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