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Best Digital Publishing Launch 2017

Congratulations to HSJ Solutions who are the winners of Best Digital Publishing Launch 2017



Your ’Elevator Pitch’


With the NHS facing an unprecedented squeeze on resources, healthcare leaders need a way to quickly find the answers to the myriad of the challenges they face.


HSJ Solutions is a bold response to this problem. This unique database of best practice in the NHS contains 1500 case studies drawn from HSJ’s awards programmes.


Subscribers can quickly find evidence-based solutions and make informed decision about how to enhance patient care and efficiency.


The launch of HSJ Solutions has enabled us to shift from a shrinking advertising business to a rapidly growing subscriptions concern and make the decision to exit print.


Set The Scene


HSJ has repositioned the brand over time, from a place to ‘read industry gossip and find a job’, for which an annual subscription of around £200 was appropriate, to an enterprise-wide, intelligence provider, able command a five figure subscription prices


Our 2014 launch HSJ Intelligence quadrupled our average order value to £X, but we struggled to increase our AOV with public sector organisations; so, we set out to develop a new product to meet the specific needs of NHS directors and their teams.


The build cost £120k: including setting up our offshore content team, the platform, and project management.



Tell Us The Story


The NHS is under pressure to care for an ageing population with declining resources. To cope with this all NHS organisations must achieve a step change in the quality and efficiency of the care.


Extensive research with HSJ’s audience of NHS leaders showed that organisations did not routinely share best practice with each other – leading to mistakes being repeated, which cost time, money and lives. Existing online resources were disorganised and incomplete.


HSJ was already sitting on a huge archive of best practice in the form of entries to HSJ’s awards programmes – including the HSJ Awards, the world’s largest celebration of healthcare excellence.


This unequalled source of innovation was used to create HSJ Solutions, a unique searchable database of the best practice in the NHS.


It features every winning and shortlisted entry made to HSJ’s award programmes. Every solution featured in the database has been validated by leading NHS experts as part of the intensive judging process which is an integral part of HSJ’s awards programmes.


These solutions are prepared by HSJ’s research team in Mumbai. They were trained to write short summaries, tag the solutions and publish them. They now operate independently with light-touch supervision.


The Abacus platform was customised so most user interaction takes place through a faceted search engine. The HSJ team worked with end users to iterate a detailed taxonomy for the search – making finding the right solutions incredibly easy.


HSJ Solutions launched in September with 800 solutions. There are now 1500 with 25 added weekly.


The Results

  • Following the launch of HSJ Solutions in the Summer of 2016, we successfully won £Xk in new business with an AOV of £Xk – almost five times the previous AOV from the public sector.
  • NHS organisations to have bought access to HSJ Solutions include the nationally renowned cancer centre The Christie, as well as two hospital trusts which achieved dramatic and nationally recognised improvements in 2017 (Barking, Havering and Redbridge, and Morecambe Bay).
  • Annual subscription revenues increased 23% in 2016 to £Xm.
  • Subscription revenues were HSJ’s largest income stream, accounting for 40% of overall revenue, up from 29% in 2015 and 21% in 2013.
  • Despite removing the magazine from renewing subscribers and having to charge VAT for digital-only subscriptions, annual subscriber churn fell from 25% to 15%.
  • The successful development of digital subscription services led to HSJ being acquired by Wilmington plc in January 2017 for £19m - seven times EBITDA.


Best Digital Publishing Launch 2017

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