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Digital Sales Team of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Global’s Digital Sales Team who are winners of this year’s Digital Sales Team of the Year

Digital Sales Team of the Year 2016

The Elevator Pitch


Last year we told you we’d grown our revenue by 27% this year we’re UP another 80%!


We did this by focusing on collaboration and audiences.


Partnering with key clients; we launched the first programmatic digital audio exchange (Dax) in the UK followed by a launch in Europe across 18 countries, reaching 60m uniques.


New audiences, new opportunities: we identified a gap in the market for targeting young millennials and creating a social publishing division to provide a native content solution for advertisers.



Set The Scene


Huge changes didn’t mean a recruitment drive, we believe digital has to be ingrained in every element of our business.


Instead of recruiting a larger sales team, we invested in an internal initiative: “Let’s Get Digital”.


The whole sales team has been educated and immersed into everything from programmatic through to native advertising and are now fully versed in what a DSP is and the threats of ad blocking.


In fact, our approach to up-skill the whole sales team through the ‘digital heroes’ meant we recruited just two new people with experience in targeted pan European budgets from UK agencies.



Tell Us The Story


For the industry to invest in digital audio as a medium, we needed to clearly establish its role in the digital market place and make it available programmatically.


We subsequently worked with the IAB to announce the role of Digital Audio as an opportunity to tap into “Moments That Matter” which has become the industry term for the mobile moment which led to a new strategic partnership with Xaxis. We knew if Xaxis understood the value of digital audio, the rest of the industry would follow and together we led the way: integrating with App Nexus, the world’s largest DSP.


Dax demand grew thanks to the effort of the sales team in communicating the “moments that matter” positioning and driving integrations with the likes of Tube Mogul and Adap.TV.


We then set about identifying European partners and an international sales team to target UK agencies for Pan European budgets and the number of briefs received has been overwhelming.


The more we spoke to advertisers, the more we realised there was another opportunity: this time with young millienials who weren’t engaging in traditional forms of advertising.


So we built a social publishing team with responsibility for creating native content solutions for advertisers targeting the YouTube generation but on our new platforms PopBuzz and We The Unicorns. The social publishing team has been a tremendous success, even featuring on C5’s The Gadget Show because of its unique proposition.

The Results


The sales team strategy around collaboration and audiences combined with a determination to integrate digital across the entire sales floor has meant a fantastic year for Global:


Digital’s share of Global Content Solutions Revenue has risen from 10% to 20% thanks to our social publishing division



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