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Digital Journalist / Content Producer of the Year

Congratulations to Anthony Cuthbertson, Newsweek Europe who won Digital Journalist / Content Producer of the Year 2016

Digital Journalist / Content Producer of the Year

The Elevator Pitch


Over the past year Cuthbertson has written about the world of technology for both Newsweek and the International Business Times, leading coverage on a broad range of topics and trends that range from the rising cyber threat of ISIS, to breakthrough technologies like LiFi.


Cuthbertson has been the first to break news on major stories of the day, as well as taking deep dives into some of the hottest topics. Cuthbertson’s deep and expansive coverage has been unrivalled in reflecting how technology has come to intersect almost every aspect of modern life—from politics and warfare, to health and security.



Set The Scene


To stand out from his peers, Cuthbertson has developed several key contacts within the notoriously secretive hacking community, as well as a specialized skill set. He has produced a series of scoops by monitoring forums and sites on the dark web, including an investigation based upon exclusive access to the “social media war machine” being used by Anonymous members to track ISIS-related Twitter accounts.


Another feature combined his contacts and knowledge to explore the risks that have arrived through an increasingly connected world, looking at the disturbing phenomenon of criminals hacking into baby monitors to spy on sleeping babies.



Tell Us The Story


In 2015 Cuthbertson travelled around the world seeking out ground-breaking stories and emerging trends and issues.


In May, he travelled to Singapore to cover the city-state’s ambitions to create the world’s first Smart Nation; in November, he tracked down the world’s first real-world use of the next generation data transmission technology LiFi in Finland; and the following month was in the United States on the presidential campaign trail aboard the coffin-shaped bus of the transhumanist Zoltan Istvan, with whom he coordinated an informal debate with fellow third-party candidate—and cybersecurity legend—John McAfee.


Other standout stories include a gonzo-style investigation into the increasingly popular liquid meals being produced by tech companies in Silicon Valley like Soylent. As part of a special feature, Cuthbertson spent an entire week in July consuming nothing but the “drinkable supermeal” Ambronite, using social media and video to share the story in real time with the readers.


Cuthbertson has also looked at the philosophical implications of rapidly advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cryonics. One in-depth piece looked at how new and emerging technologies are transforming the way people view death. Months of research involved visiting the Church of Perpetual life in Florida, as well as meeting the heads of various movements—such as Terasem—and interviewing their followers. The feature focussed on how believers see technology as a form of saviour that could one day transfer their consciousness to a computer and allow them to experience heaven through a virtual reality world hosted on a computer server.

The Results


Cuthbertson’s stories have been picked up by more than 100 global media outlets, including the BBC, the Washington Post, the Guardian, the South China Morning Post, Fox News and the Sydney Morning Herald.


Many stories have gone viral across social media platforms, most notably the story he broke about Anonymous’ plans to reveal the identities of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members, which was shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook alone.

'Are Hackers Spying On Your Baby?' By Anthony Cuthbertson
'Are Hackers Spying On Your Baby?' By Anthony Cuthbertson

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