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Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: Consumer 2016

Congratulations to MadeForMums, winner of this year’s Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: Consumer

Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: Consumer 2016

The Elevator Pitch


MadeForMums editorial has achieved consistent market-leading growth – with an 79% increase in organic UK unique users year-on-year making us the UK’s fastest-growing parenting website (comScore, Dec 2014-15).


We’ve also doubled user engagement – increasing average time spent on core articles by 104%.

How? By becoming an agile editorial team with a Test and Learn culture and clear editorial vision – giving us accelerated growth in SEO and social traffic.


And the icing? Increased engagement means native works on MadeForMums. When we create engaging content for our users that just happens to be native, that’s our business success story.



Set The Scene


We have powerful competitors in the parenting space, and needed to carve out a unique sweet spot.

So we did a lot of listening: through mum groups, analytics, forums and social platforms. Mums told us they feel overwhelmed by information overload, by different opinions and parent shaming.


We believe it’s time for mums to reclaim their confidence. This became our editorial vision that now frames everything we do.

So, with six journalists and community managers, we combine traditional journalism with digital insight, we add humour and call bullshit when we see it. This year we gave MadeForMums a voice.



Tell Us The Story


Our story is all about agility and evolution. We don’t just embrace change, we thrive on it. In our digital market we have to adapt to survive, even more so since tightened budgets meant we lost our dedicated team of developers and small marketing budget in November 2015.

And so our culture of Test and Learn became even more crucial. We’re equipping ourselves with digital skills for the future – including advanced SEO, social, video, content marketing, community management, analytics and Photoshop. It’s a flat structure - whoever has the knowledge shares and teaches.


  • We learnt from Crazy Egg that adding extra photos can increase mobile scrolling by 75%.
  • We learnt from Webmaster Tools that improving the meta description on an article can increase click-throughs by 30%.
  • We learnt from Chartbeat which users are most loyal.
  • We learnt (and are still learning) from Facebook Insights that what worked yesterday may not work today.


We didn’t start numerate - we learnt it. And we’re a team. We don’t have a social media manager - we all do social. We don’t have a video editor - we all edit our own videos. Personal wins are team wins.

And commercially? The team have learnt to embrace commercial partnerships - confident that the user still comes first. Our increased user engagement means native works on MadeForMums. Our native safety campaign with dummy manufacturers MAM reached 250K mums and 57K video views from a single organic Facebook post.


Classic win/win.

The Results



By working as a closely-aligned yet constantly developing editorial team, we achieved record-breaking traffic and user engagement over the past 12 months (Google Analytics Premium).

UK Uniques

  • 79% increase UK organic UU - March 2015-2016
  • 84% growth - Feb 2015-16
  • 86% growth - March 2015-16


Google traffic - 73% growth March 2015-2016


Social referral traffic - 120% growth March 2015-2016


Direct traffic - 87% growth March 2015-2016

By putting our users first, by finding our journalistic voice and by constantly learning and evolving, we’ve become the fastest-growing parenting website in the UK.


Put simply, more and more mums are loving what we’re doing.


Helen Brown
Hazelann Williams
Tara Breathnach
Danielle Graph

Susie Boone


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