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Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: B2B 2016

Congratulations to Nursing Times Learning, winner of this year’s Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: B2B

Digital Editorial / Audience Development Team of the Year: B2B 2016

The Elevator Pitch


Nursing Times historically targeted individual nurses, but the advent of a free NHS jobs website a decade ago led to declining subscriptions and recruitment revenue. Our new product, Nursing Times Learning, has created a new audience - nurse directors - for corporate subscriptions, growing our subscriber base by 70%. It provides online learning and an e-portfolio allowing nurses to store evidence needed to comply with the new system of revalidation - which requires them to undertake a range of professional activities to be legally able to practise, while a dashboard enables managers to track nurses’ revalidation progress and professional development.


Set The Scene

When the NHS launched its own jobs website a decade ago Nursing Times’ recruitment income and subscriber base went into decline; its main competitor is owned by the largest nursing union, with easy access to over 435,000 members. We needed new ways to meet nurses’ needs and attract corporate subscribers. Nursing Times Learning addresses pain points for nurses and their employers. It supports nurses through a process causing great anxiety in the profession, and gives employers cost-effective education for their nurses, reassurance that they are ready to revalidate, and an attractive employee benefit that demonstrates nurses are valued.


Tell Us The Story


Primarily the product has been successful because of our closeness to the market and understanding of its needs, and collaboration across all teams in the brand. The editorial team helped the IT team to define the functionality required of the learning management system to offer online learning and an e-portfolio that feed data into the manager dashboard. They also helped the corporate sales team to define and refine their pitch, and attended sales presentations, where their input has been vital. They worked closely with marketing to create an incisive advertising campaign, playing on chief nurses’ fear of not being ready for revalidation and desire to offer safe, high-quality care.


Learning units were commissioned from national experts and cover fundamental aspects of nursing care; they not only support nurses’ revalidation, but give them the knowledge they need to provide safe care. Customer testimonials: “HC-One nurses have greatly benefited from the Nursing Times experience and the challenges of the Nursing Times Learning units, which are varied, interesting and great for keeping up to date. The learning units include links to excellent guidance and after successful completion of the assessment you, the learner, can download a print off a certificate as evidence of your CPD for the NMC revalidation processes.” HC-One Ltd. “Nursing Times offers our frontline nurses an expert and concise method of keeping up to date with changes and developments in modern nursing and the wider healthcare system... an invaluable tool for any nursing professional.” NHS Blood and Transplant.

The Results


Over and above the commercials, Learning is enabling us to reposition Nursing Times as first and foremost a learning brand, rather than a ‘publishing’ or ‘magazine’ or ‘news’ or ‘jobs’ brand - a major challenge given its 111-year history, and to prepare to move from print to digital-only in the near future. In one year, we have increased our subscription file value by £500k, and gained over 40 corporate clients for a brand previously sold only to individuals and libraries. Nursing Times total subscription file grew by over 70% year-on-year in 2015 to reach nearly 27,000 subscribers, 40% of which are now corporate subscribers. We are the fastest-growing subscription brand in our parent company, Plexus
(formerly known as Emap). As a result, the whole Nursing Times brand, including subscriptions, marketing solutions, events and recruitment revenues, is in healthy top and bottom line growth.


Jenni Middleton, editor, Nursing Times
Suzanne Gaunt, head of brand
Andy Baker, managing director, health and local government, Plexus
Neha Gandesha, senior campaign executive
Rachel Martin, commercial director
Emma Favager, business development manager
David Bartlett, business development manager
Ann Shuttleworth, practice and learning editor
Kathryn Godfrey, practice and learning editor


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