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Digital Editor / Content Strategist of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Susie Boone, MadeforMums, winner of this year’s Digital Editor / Content Strategist of the Year

Digital Editor / Content Strategist of the Year 2016

The Elevator Pitch


Susie has delivered market-leading organic growth and doubled on-page engagement time, leading MadeForMums to become the UK’s fastest-growing parenting website (comScore Dec 2015-2016).



  • By defining a new editorial vision
  • Creating a MadeForMums voice
  • Developing an agile way of working
  • Combining strong traditional journalism with digital insight

Team MFM now has a culture of constant evaluation and constant learning.

The result? Increasingly engaged audience, high-performing team and consistent month-on-month growth.

Year-on-year (Mar 2015-16):

  • 79% growth UK organic UU

Set The Scene

We have powerful competitors in the parenting space, and needed to find our unique sweet spot.


The first step of our strategy was listening: to mum groups, analytics, forums and social platforms.


Mums told us they felt overwhelmed by information overload, by different opinions and parent shaming.


We believe it’s time for mums to reclaim their confidence. This became Susie’s editorial vision that now frames everything MFM does.

Then in November 2015, tightened budgets meant we lost our dedicated developer team and small marketing budget.


There was no reliance on new functionality - any success was now down to editorial.


Tell Us The Story

Susie built a new content strategy.

She put users first rather than chasing them, gave MadeForMums a voice and put traditional journalism at the heart of MadeForMums.

“We question everything," says Susie. "Mums need clarity and content they can trust – that’s written for them not at

1. We do evidence-based journalism "Glass in Huggies nappies? Breastmilk that changes colour? We cut through the social hysteria and find the truth."

2. We call bullshit when we see it "We did the maths when national media announced IVF increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 37%. It’s actually a risk rise from 0.04% to 0.11%. That’s MadeForMums’ perspective."

3. We win with native "Our user-centric strategy means native works on MadeForMums. Our safety campaign with dummy manufacturer MAM reached 250K mums and 57K video views organically on Facebook. A win for mums and a win for our bottom line."

4. We drive for change "Our users set the agenda. Our #WaitToWee campaign emerged from our forum. The result: our survey investigation, Radio 5 Live follow-up and talks with pregnancy test manufacturers about changing their packaging."

5. We test and learn “Measurement is key. It’s a learning curve for journalists to feel comfortable using data to assess their own work. But it’s a 101 in digital and is part of our MadeForMums day.”


6. We make it fun “Humour is MFM’s antidote to no sleep, snotty noses and stepping on Lego. Confessionals and Facebook memes are core to our daily output.”

The Results


Susie’s editorial team have broken records this year - achieving MadeForMums’ highest ever traffic despite losing their marketing budget and dedicated dev team.


UK Uniques

  • 79% increase UK organic UU - March 2015-2016
  • 84% growth - Feb 2015-16
  • 86% growth - March 2015-16


Google traffic - 73% growth March 2015-2016


Social referral traffic - 120% growth March 2015-2016


Direct traffic - 87% growth March 2015-2016


"By putting our users first, finding MadeForMums’ voice and creating a culture of learning and evolving, we’ve become the fastest-growing parenting website in the UK," says Susie.

And the final piece? "Increased engagement means native works on MadeForMums. When we create engaging content for our users that just happens to be native, that’s our business success story."


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