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Digital Data Team of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Trinity Mirror’s Digital Analytics Team, winners of this year’s Digital Data Team of the Year

Digital Data Team of the Year 2016

The Elevator Pitch


We are a new, small, team that has had a huge impact on our business. Since January 2015, it has worked across the entire organisation, optimising editorial output, guiding product development and ensuring a focus on commercial success.

We have been a vital component of Trinity Mirror’s digital growth and commercial progress which is a key part of the Group’s overall business strategy. We are now deeply embedded into all areas of digital operation, and have put digital data at the heart of the way that Trinity Mirror works, helping to drive digital success across the business.



Set The Scene

Prior to the arrival of the team, analytics at Trinity Mirror had been relatively basic. It had been report based, with little analysis and few actions driven.


There were some basic, top-level traffic reports. Teams across the business understood a little of what had happened on our sites. However, they knew very little about why and even less about what actions should be taken when looking at the data.


The team, on joining, started with a very simple vision: that analytics should lead decision making in digital and drive value. This has underpinned all of our work this year.



Tell Us The Story

The Digital Analytics team put in place a plan to quickly and radically transform how analytics was used by the business to help drive digital growth.


We adopted a road map that demanded rapid progress and focused on driving maximum value from our data. At its core was a commercial focus. We modelled ad value and its relationship to traffic, allowing ROI analysis across editorial and product changes through marginal page view value.


Other notable developments included:

  • Implementing more advanced tracking on our videos.
  • Putting in place integrations with our AB testing tools and customer database allowing consolidated analysis across users and testing.
  • Moving away from reporting and responding to basic queries, adopting a self-serve model.
  • The team could therefore focus on major ad hoc analyses, such as our editorial content reviews which profiled the article performance curve and began a consultative process to optimise our editorial output.

These developments were among very many others, such as traffic acquisition reviews and audience profiling. Our goal was to always make sure we did things that would drive action.


As a result of our work, product, editorial and commercial decisions across the business are now made on data and evidence, not gut feeling. Therefore resource is used more effectively and there is a clearer understanding of our audience.

The approach is spreading: we introduced "Super Users" of digital data around the group. With our support and training, these individuals have the skills and data to run their own analysis.

The Results


The team has made significant contributions to the key business goals of growing traffic and revenue.


Our analysis has steered and advised editorial investment, for example the addition of editorial resource based offshore to cover periods when our audience were online but we could not publish content saw a strong uplift.


We have also ensured that data is at the heart of the Product team, with all product owners now using data is almost every aspect of product development.


Finally, we have delivered commercially. The AB testing analysis that we completed to review a new ad format is on course to bring in a very large return after establishing that there was no detrimental impact on user behaviour.


We have made a huge impact on the business and are very proud of the rapid progress that we are making - with a strong desire to do even more.


Oliver Gerrish - Head of Digital Analytics
John Exell - Analytics Implementation Manager
James Yardley - Senior Web Analyst
Sheri Reefer - Senior Web Analyst


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