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Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Unruly’s Digital Advertising Operations Team, winners of this year’s Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year

Digital Advertising Operations Team of the Year 2016

The Elevator Pitch


Unruly Operations core attribute is working tirelessly to deliver market leading client services to brands, blending programmatic trading and account management disciplines together to delight our clients. We love confronting the latest gnarly operational complexity, briefing our developers on ground breaking custom builds for brands, and delivering the most awesome social video campaigns on the planet. We are passionate about our products, our performance and our values - Deliver Wow, Inspire Change and Share The Love - and want to continue nurturing through new Unrulies to create and sustain an operational ecosystem that positively influences the UK ad industry.



Set The Scene

Our three key challenges, alongside maintaining steady 30%+ YOY growth, were centred around three areas:


1. Successfully launching Unruly’s first Outstream format - In-Article - optimizing managed service demand through UnrulyX {Unruly’s Ad Exchange) to monetize newly created publisher video inventory.


2. Proving to the company that we could beat our campaign budget upweights target with record numbers, previously a high of £1m in a calendar year.


3. Integrating with the business units from News Corp, following their acquisition of Unruly in September 2015, to deploy and support Unruly ad formats across their web properties in UK, US and Australia.



Tell Us The Story

How we answered our challenges:


1. In-Article Launch - We set minimum fill rate targets for our key publisher accounts, analyzed the agency demand by vertical and mapped each campaign to the publisher verticals, to ensure the best possible yield to publishers, and make them confident in the value of rolling out our ad format.


2. Campaign Budget Upweights - We set ourselves the audacious target of securing £1m in CQ2 in 2015, knowing that we had a big opportunity with our largest account, Unilever, who were running global campaigns for Knorr and Bright Futures. Our Client Experience Lead, Umit Koseoglu, plotted out the delivery and audience measurement plan for the campaigns, working with our product development team to design and roll out custom reporting UIs which he used in daily war rooms at Unilever HQ. The war rooms offered him the chance to showcase Unruly performance and win budget away from competitors in real-time as the campaigns were running.


3. News Corp Integration - Our EMEA Operations Director, Hilary Goldsmith, led the integration with the business units in the UK, US and Australia. As part of a pressured roll-out of Unruly ad formats across the News properties, she created workflows, SLAs, product guides, feature request support process and delivered two operations summits for the News operations leads in London and Sydney.


The Results

1. In-Article Launch - Retained all of our Top Tier publishers from launch including, MailOnline, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, PC Advisor, MacWorld, Mens Health, GQ and Unilad. A brilliant launchpad to attract more commercial demand and continue to develop the ad format into 2016.

2. Campaign Budget Upweights - A record year for the UK team, smashing their previous record of £1m in a calendar year, and bringing home £4.5m across 52 brands.


3. News Corp Integration - Successful and scaled roll out of Unruly ad formats across all News print titles digital properties globally by December 2015, bringing new sources of video inventory and yield optimization opportunities to each title.


and... year on year growth achieved of 31.13%!


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