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Best Research / Insight Project 2016

Congratulations to An industry first; Proving the efficacy of data targeted digital audio with Dax, Vizeum and Panasonic, Global, The Media & Entertainment Group who are the winners of this year’s Best Research / Insight Project 2016

Best Research / Insight Project 2016

The Elevator Pitch

Global, Vizeum and Panasonic set out to create the first use of behavioural interest data in a programmatic audio campaign.

All three parties wanted to measure the effect of data targeted audio to meet the campaign objectives; raising awareness and knowledge of the ‘Panasonic All Series’ compared to non-targeted audio.

This is the first study in Europe – possibly the world – to measure the effectiveness of audience data targeting on a programmatic audio campaign.

However, digital audio isn’t a visual medium so cannot be tagged and tracked like a digital display or video campaign, but we found a way.



Set The Scene

93% of the population listen to broadcast radio, so identifying those who had only heard the advertising via Dax and then splitting this group into those who had been served the ad because they were part of the data led segment was going to be challenging...that’s why no-one had done it already.

Devising a solution and finding a partner capable of implementing the solution was very difficult indeed.



Tell Us The Story

The solution was to utilise the companion ad capability of UK Radio Player, the platform Daz uses for web browser. By using this platform, we were able to apply a tag to a display ad (showing just the Panasonic logo) that would appear once the Dax ad is aired.

The next challenge was identifying who heard the ads that had been served with companion ads and finding out what they thought of the campaign. We decided to partner with GWI. They have one of the UK’s largest online research panels (around 600,000) and so were best placed to identify exposed listeners.

GWI supplied us with two tags; one to identify those that were exposed to the ad as a result of data targeting, one for those exposed through run of network.

GWI panellists had a corresponding cookie installed on their device, so that whenever a GWI panellist was exposed to an ad that carried a GWI tag, a match was created. We were then able to send that panellist a questionnaire pertaining to the campaign.

By doing this, we were able to compare the results of those who had been exposed through data targeting against those exposed through run of site advertising. We also sent the questionnaire to a control group, who weren’t exposed to the ad at all.


The Results

We were able to prove that digital audio can not only be tracked as effectively as visual digital assets such as digital display and video but can be shaped programmatically to provide a data rich, fully tracked digital audio solution.

The campaign also delivered strongly against Panasonic’s campaign objectives

The data targeted group saw particularly strong responses: prompted brand awareness was 20% higher, purchase consideration was 34% higher and purchase intent was 83% higher.


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