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Best Publisher Marketing Campaign 2016

Congratulations to Time Inc UK for the relaunch, winner of this year’s Best Publisher Marketing Campaign

Best Publisher Marketing Campaign 2016

The Elevator Pitch


In September 2015, NME embarked on the most significant editorial transformation in its 60+ year history. For the relaunch of the brand, its entire DNA was altered: Editorial’s mission was a overhaul in strategy and voice, our marketing task was nothing less than reaching, introducing and exciting a significantly bigger, new, millennial audience. The success of this ambition and passion rested on two things: execution of the content strategy, and strength and creativity of the integrated marketing campaign. Demonstrating clear vision and collaborative approach, this multi-platform marketing campaign delivered for NME – making it a worthy contender for this award.



Set The Scene


The objective of NME’s transformation was simple: significantly increase overall brand reach and scale, targeting a wider, more mainstream millennial demographic, thus driving new commercial opportunities and revenues. Our brief was to deliver a 360° marketing campaign, with a modest budget, to support the transformation, putting our digitalfirst brand message at its heart – and reaching out to a new audience. We certainly wanted to drive awareness for the new free print product, but a key objective was driving increased traffic to and increased audience and engagement across NME’s social platforms – plus supporting our new NME Daily App.



Tell Us The Story


We knew exactly how we wanted to position NME’s new content strategy, whilst promoting NME’s accessibility. The message was simple:
Every minute – Every Day – NME Daily (app) Every Week – NME Magazine The other key point of difference versus our competitors was our intelligent distribution plan for the free print product – making NME available in all the key places mainstream millennial audiences frequent: transport hubs, university campuses, live music venues, and high street fashion and music retailers. To reach this audience with our marketing, and drive awareness and engagement, we put our marketing activity at the heart of this distribution footprint. We placed 6-sheet advertising across the tube network, within university campuses, and inside live music venues. We partnered with festivals such as Reading & Leeds, promoting NME on site via 6-sheet posters and on-stage video ads, plus email marketing to their highly targeted millennial database. We utilised the festival to create exclusive video content, featuring bands talking passionately about NME – we used this material across social, tapping into artist fanbases and driving new engagements. We worked closely with editorial to place NME content at the heart of targeted paid-for digital and social campaigns – exploiting the likes of our exclusive interview with global super Rihanna to reach mainstream millennials online and spark discussion about NME across social. We also partnered with student unions, networks and radio stations, who re-promoted our content online and across social, pushing it out to their highly targeted millennial following.


The Results


Our cross-platform marketing campaign reached over 28 million people!

In terms of increasing traffic to and social platforms, our statistics speak for themselves. unique users: +25% y-o-y


  • Video views: +377% YoY!
  • Facebook: 629k, +22% YoY
  • Twitter: 816k, +11% YoY
  • Instagram: 92k, +163% YoY NME
  • YouTube subs: 97k, +16% YoY
  • Tunepics: 133k, new Lifetime NME YouTube views: 67.4m, +16% YoY**

The number of 16-34 year olds engaging with NME’s social platforms rose by 45%, and the NME Daily app now has 21k active users, +159% YoY***


The new free weekly NME magazine was also a resounding success – NME posted its biggest ever ABC of 307,217*


The increased audience scale delivered significant commercial growth for NME: Total NME ad revenues across all platforms are up 42% YoY.
ABC distribution figure Nov-Dec 2015 Google Analytics – January 2016 Platform specific – January 2016 **** App

Annie – January 2016



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