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Best Online Media Property or Brand: B2B 2016

Congratulations to Business Insider, winners of this year’s Best Online Media Property or Brand: B2B

Best Online Media Property or Brand: B2B 2016

The Elevator Pitch


The success of any B2B property depends on its audience , its ability to stay relevant and provide specific value to that audience and continue to attract new audiences, all the while delivering on commercial growth. To do this in digital requires the ability to move a rapid pace and adapt product offerings to fit into shifting digital habits and trends. BI has already shown that it truly connects with the generational shift to digital and mobile in the UK market, reaching more digital readers than any other UK business property, attracting new audiences and delivering growing commercial success.


Set The Scene

There are so many challenges to launching a new B2B brand and team from scratch, especially in a market littered with failed exports and demands for instant ROI. Having seen huge success with our conversational tone and style in the US, the key question remained, could we establish a local UK voice in a market dominated by International crossplatform publishers, local legacy players and a growing list of digital competitors. We needed to establish net new audience (our global site already attracted 1.8M unique users) and introduce a wider UK audience to business news. Then translate that quickly into commercial success.


Tell Us The Story

Our launch team consisted of 8 writers and 11 total staff in London, which has since increased to 35 (Apr’16), and includes product, tech, commercial content and video producers. We migrated a large archive of existing global content and designed a duplicate version of our roprietary VikingCMS , allowing real-time ingestion, syndication and editing of posts on both US and UK sites. We focused locally on original UK launch stories and exclusives to grow credibility and social following and concentrated our coverage in finance, tech and politics. To attract new digital native audiences we delivered BI’s unique style and tone and optimized to mobile story formats. Thus creating highly readable and shareable business content in the best digital storytelling format applicable (list, charts, pictures, articles, video , liveblogs, short or long form.) We are now producing between 60-80 original articles per day from London and ingesting over 400+ posts from our global newsroom.


Key revenue streams:

  • Native content (sponsored posts and edit sponsorships)
  • Digital advertising (programmatic and direct)
  • Subscription revenue (Business Insider Intelligence)
  • Business Development

Reaction from advertisers has been excellent. Key advertising partners have included: Google, Microsoft, Lloyds Bank, Vodaphone, Barclays, Credit Suisse, BT, Adobe and Rolex, all keen to target our younger business demographic through native digital solutions.

The Results


  • Audience growth 178% (Nov 14 - Nov 15)*
  • 5.2M UK unique users (Nov ’15)*
  • Page views grew +332% to 52M*
  • User engagement grew 117% (GA)
  • 4 out of 5 users access through a mobile device*
  • Average age 34*
  • HHI of £46,143 Over 200,000 Facebook like to BI UK page Comscore data

Commercial success

  • Gross Profitable in UK in Q4 2015 and Q1 2016
  • 6 straight quarters of revenue growth since launch
  • Growth in Adv revenue of 265% Q1 YOY
  • Advertising split shifted from 61% Programmatic in Q1 2015 to 80% Native and Direct in Q1 2016
  • Programmatic revenue grew 98% YOY (Nov ‘14 to Nov’15)
  • 2015 Revenue 247% of launch budget goal
  • 2015 Revenue 139% of revised re-forecast (June 2015)

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In Partnership with

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