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Best Native Advertising Campaign 2016

Congratulations to Immediate Media for the Netflix and RadioTimes Tv Listings intergration, winner of this year’s Best Native Advertising Campaign

Best Native Advertising Campaign 2016

The Elevator Pitch


A true media-first as Netflix integrated their award winning content into a linear TV Listings environment in a first both for Netflix and The integration used data to make Netflix recommendations that users could watch immediately based off the genre of show they were looking at on the listings grid.


Putting Netflix in a highly relevant environment, using RT’s exclusive data and pitching them as a viable alternative to users looking for TV guidance the deal was a huge success for both parties.



Set The Scene

Netflix wanted to showcase that their Original Series and Films are available for viewers to watch instantly at any time they wanted. The TV Listings Grid on was an obvious place for the client but there had been only display formats on this page previously. Additionally, these formats weren’t able to react in real-time to the content that users were viewing on the grid so a solution was needed to enable Netflix to highlight relevant content to different users.



Tell Us The Story


RT devised a method of tracking data on usage of the Listings Grid which enabled us to think about the best ways of enabling Netflix to use this data to target different audience segments with different Netflix programming. This created a scenario where we could present Netflix programming at a key time in the users planning process – why wait until 9pm when you can get watching immediately on Netflix?


This solution presented itself with the creation of a bespoke integration that appears on every element of the Listings grid. Every time a user hovered over a show on the grid, they would be served an additional integrated ad format which offered a recommend Netflix show or film based off the linear TV programme the user was looking at.


This solution immediately enabled Netflix to be in front of TV and film fans during their “discovery” process and allowed them to be part of that conversation. The integration was fully responsive and meant that for logged in Netflix users they were 1 click away from immediately watching Netflix programming that appealed to them regardless of whether they were viewing on desktop, tablet or Smartphone.


The Results delivered over 17 million Netflix shows on the Listings Grid generating over 14,000 clicks and more importantly providing Netflix with valuable data on which Netflix shows were generating the most clicks, what the demographic of the users clicking were and which device they were using.


It allowed Netflix to reach a broader audience than the typical profile of a Netflix user with the 45+ demographic providing the most clicks and Smartphone users providing the highest levels of engagement.



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