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Best Media Technology Partner 2016

Congratulations to Oracle DMP (BlueKai), winner of this year’s Best Media Technology Partner

Best Media Technology Partner 2016

The Elevator Pitch


The Oracle DMP is a relative late-comer to the UK publishing industry, but has hit the ground running with an impressive track-record of delivering clients a tangible ROI. We work with a fast growing number of publishers keen to go on record with testimonials to prove the value we bring to their business and can “deliver on the promise over the PowerPoint”. In the past year we’ve provided technology transformation for leading publishers including Zoopla, Bauer Media, IDG, MoneySuperMarket, Gumtree, IBT Media and The Economist.


“It brings value to our bottom line”. Stephane Pere, Chief Data Officer, The Economist


Set The Scene


BlueKai was a business founded in Cupertino in 2007, which Oracle acquired in February 2014. The market-leading Data Management Platform had a stellar cast of enterprise-level clients in the US, but only founded a European presence less than 2-years ago and dedicated a specific focus on the publishing industry in 2015. In the past year the Oracle DMP has grown its UK client-base 5X and produced an impressive ROI for publishers in terms of increasing advertising revenue, improving site personalisation and driving customer/subscriber acquisition. This submission focuses on how the technology was adopted in an award-winning campaign for The Economist


Tell Us The Story


The Economist is one of the sterling brands of publishing and has thrived for over 150 years on the strength of excellent journalism. However, in an era where subscriptions suffer in the face of free content and revenues are under attack as advertising buys include digital channels such as search, social and video they recognised the need for technology transformation. The Oracle DMP was subsequently selected to help gain new subscribers and drive advertising revenue, and has since proven an incredibly successful media technology partnership.


The Oracle DMP recently powered an award-winning campaign aimed to expose content to new prospects, win their attention, change their perception of the brand and convert them into readers/subscribers.


The Economist first looked at their core audience to identify prospects and used 1stand 3rd Party data to map their interests and identify profile attributes within the DMP. They could then target ‘lookalikes’ in relevant context with relevant creatives, e.g. when reading about the NSA on another site a prospect keen on liberal causes and technology would be shown the following:


“This ad knows who you are. How do you feel? a) special b) spooked”.


After clicking, prospects were directed to a specific landing page with an article on internet privacy and data tracking, and could then either register to access more content or buy a subscription.


The Economist were also able to understand what attributes and creatives linked to higher conversions, and build ‘hot prospects’ for those who didn’t subscribe that could be retargeted with special offers. The overall activity brought together a unique combination of campaign analytics, web analytics and CRM data all within the Oracle DMP.

The Results


The results of this particular 12-week marketing campaign speak volumes for the overall impact of introducing the Oracle DMP:


The Economist achieved more than 3.25 million new prospects against a target of 650,000 and finished the campaign with over 10,000 new subscribers worth £12 million in lifetime revenue. An additional 6 million unique visitors viewed, generating an additional £500K in advertising revenue and awareness of The Economist soared by more than 64%. Plus, the Oracle DMP helped reduce The Economist’s cost of acquisition by half.


The Economist was also awarded a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions for the creative effectiveness in this campaign, which was powered by the Oracle DMP – please watch the amazing Campaign Video.


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