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Ad Blocking Q&A with Nial Ferguson from Sourcepoint


Company information:

  • Sourcepoint
  • Founded in 2015
  • Approximately 25 employees
  • Clients include: Oath, Turner, Gannett, Advance Digital, Fusion Media, Future publishing, Dennis publishing, Immediate Media, Hearst UK, Gamer Network, Gruner & Jahr, Burda, Axel Springer, Tamedia, Prisma Media, Nyheter

What is your approach to the challenge of ad blocking? Why?


Sourcepoint’s Dialogue™ solution is the world’s first technology platform that allows users to choose how they compensate publishers for premium content. Leveraging Dialogue, publishers can offer a number of options; including AltAd™, which allows users to watch an initial video ad in return for content for a predetermined period of time and AltPay™, the latest addition to Dialogue that allows users to support content through direct payments.


Should more publishers take action to combat ad blocking? Why?


Sourcepoint believes that the rise in ad block usage is a symptom of the lack of transparent value exchange between publishers and consumers. We believe that every publisher should employ a strategy to combat ad blocking as the challenge isn’t going away and is likely to increase given recent moves by Google and Apple. However, with the right conversation between the user and the publisher it can and should be proactively managed in order to both educate the user and reclaim lost value.


Sourcepoint is working to facilitate direct user communication, establish a fair and transparent value exchange, and provide a sustainable content compensation framework for publishers.


What’s your elevator pitch to a publisher?


Sourcepoint is the leading content compensation solution provider for premium digital publishers, bringing together the team, technology, and multiple compensation models needed to foster a sustainable media ecosystem.


What can you tell us about the methods you have used and the results you have achieved?


Sourcepoint facilitates direct user communication, establishing a fair and transparent value exchange, and providing a sustainable content compensation framework for publishers. We have seen huge success with publishers encouraging users to whitelist their sites or to compensate them via alternative compensation routes such as data exchange, registration, subscription sign up and direct payment.


In the last year we have worked with some of the biggest publishers and online brands in the world, including Oath, Turner, Fusion Media Group, Gruner & Jahr, Burda, Immediate Media, Future Publishing and won the ‘Best use of technology’ award at the Digiday Publishing Awards and were shortlisted as ‘Best Media Technology Partner’ at the AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2017 for our work with Dennis Publishing.


What are the key industry developments that are driving the ad blocking challenge now and future? How should publishers respond?


The developments being seen with Google Chrome, Apple Intelligent Tracking, GDPR etc are all additional drivers that should prompt publishers to engage their users in conversation about compensation choice?


What is key is that every Publisher must have a strategy that combats the ongoing ad blocking threat to their sites and to the industry as a whole. The more publishers who educate their users about the impact of ad blocking, the more the problem will be managed.




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