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News UK joins AOP to help drive continued efforts to raise industry standards


Major media brand takes board position at the Association for Online Publishing to support industry collaboration on transparency, quality and integrity.


LONDON, UK, 24 January 2018: The Association for Online Publishing (AOP) today announced that News UK has officially joined its board.


The partnership will see the AOP and News UK take a unified approach to meeting shared goals, including enhancing media standards and addressing industry issues. Building on News UK’s proactive efforts to fight ad fraud, the collaboration will focus on boosting supply chain transparency and ensuring greater brand safety.


To raise general media quality, it will also emphasise the promotion of trustworthy environments and high-quality independent digital content, as well as embracing best practice initiatives. In particular, News UK will play a vital role in supporting and increasing awareness of the AOP’s Ad Quality Charter.


Launched late last year, the charter is intended to take the lead in championing ethical trading methods, and premium inventory and audiences. By signing up to its guidelines, publishers and advertisers agree to use assessment and verification measures aimed at cleaning up the digital ecosystem and increasing its value. As an early adopter of many benchmarks outlined in the charter, News UK will be well placed to communicate its importance and increase its reach.


Earlier this month News UK’s programmatic blackout test revealed that marketers are wasting as much as £700,000 on domain spoofed inventory per month.


Richard Reeves, Managing Director at AOP, commented: “Welcoming News UK to the AOP board is a natural and logical extension of our current relationship. We have similar views on multiple issues; including the need for collective industry action to increase media accountability and transparency. Joining forces will allow us to share learnings, resources, and influence, and establish a sustainable, digital future for the premium publishing community.”


Oliver Lewis, Director of Digital Strategy & Partnerships at News UK, commented: “We are delighted to be part of the AOP and to support its efforts to improve the digital publishing ecosystem.


“Promoting the importance of quality media and transparent, brand-safe and fraud-free advertising is a key priority for us and collaboration across the industry is vital to helping that cause.  Quality and clarity have always been crucial for us and as a member of the board we look forward to being actively involved with initiatives that reinforce these priorities, making it better, fairer and more sustainable for consumers, publishers and advertisers.”


About News UK


News UK is home to some of the biggest and most popular British newspapers and reaches more than 62% of the UK’s total adult population. Across print and digital, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times’ combined monthly audience is 32.8m readers. The Times and The Sunday Times are the world’s best-known quality newspapers, and The Sun remains the most read British print newspaper with more than 3.5 million readers each day. It also boasts over 85 million total monthly unique browsers.


While our papers have individual identities that reflect their different heritage, all look to break the most important stories, inform our readers, champion them and the causes closest to their hearts, and help them make sense of the modern world.


For more information please go to or follow us on Twitter @NewsUK


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