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CRUNCH 3.6 KPIs for the Ethical Ad Economy

09:00 - 10:30

Our Crunch series continues to be supported by our tab partners, Xandr & Google


The metrics we use to measure campaigns highlight the intention for what the client wants the campaign to achieve. The industry discussions around business and brand outcomes and the need to support diversity, transparency and the sustainability of our planet will be ineffective if we do not adopt metrics that reflect those pressing needs. The primacy of CPM says that what we want to achieve is “cheapness” and yet the evidence suggests that this leads to lack of transparency, non diverse environments and the funding of highly negative content. The emerging metrics in this space are driving more ethical, business positive outcomes between buy and sell side, as well as rewarding high quality engaging content.


Join us as we bring global leaders who are measuring media ethics and campaign outcomes across many environments to see how you and the industry can build a more productive future.

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Crunch is a series of six events where publisher members can come together with their contemporaries and the industry for

  • Collaboration to progress key industry issues

  • Inspiration and learning

  • Networking

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are an AOP Publisher member simply login to the AOP website to access complimentary tickets.

Featured Speakers

Dan Hagen

EVP MD & Global Head of Mx Development
Havas Media Group

Anthony Crocker

Head of Campaign Innovation
The Telegraph & Chair of InterMedia UK building a more inclusive LGBTQ+ media industry

Jerry Daykin

EMEA Senior Media Director

Harvin Gupta

Director of Solutions Engineering

Dora Michail

The Ozone Project

Amy Williams


Lauren Ogúndèkó

Head of Response Digital & Board Director
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