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CRUNCH 3.4: The Current Cultural Change: New brand opportunities for publishers

Wed 25-Nov-2020
08:30 - 11:30

Our Crunch series continues to be supported by our tab partners, Xandr & Google

Our recent survey to the AOP community demonstrated an appetite for a change in direction. In response to the convergence of wider societal issues and movements, from the Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, Environment and Facebook boycott; this cultural shift has helped to define our intentions and in turn create an interconnected series of CRUNCH events that address the industry’s key opportunities and challenges during these times. In doing this, we will be re-positioning the core areas of focus to align with a more purposeful context.



Join us in this session to explore:

  1. Mapping the culture change and understanding new behaviours and trends - audience expectations, trust, individual activism, publishers, leaders, businesses under inspection etc.
  2. Brands that are growing and succeeding in this space – how is this being achieved? What is the effect on business each of the business models? i.e. paid content, registration, ads, affiliate, events
  3. Brands that will grow and succeed because they are well positioned to benefit from the trends


Please note: All CRUNCH subjects and speakers are subject to change

Crunch is a series of six events where publisher members can come together with their contemporaries and the industry for

  • Collaboration to progress key industry issues

  • Inspiration and learning

  • Networking

Please note that places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are an AOP Publisher member simply login to the AOP website to access complimentary tickets.

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