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Raising standards and building trust in quality journalism

Wed 22-Jan-2020
08:30 - 14:00
Google, 1-13 St Giles High Street, London WC2H 8AG


Focusing on how to build journalistic skills in digital publishing and how to secure greater consumer trust in quality digital content. When budgets and resources for training are tight, this session is designed to explore the potential for industry-wide initiatives and to highlight resources that you can access for your team. Organised in partnership with Google News Initiative, our speakers will focus on both investigative and digital skills and, through peer-to-peer discussion we aim to develop an action plan to support training and development in journalism – action that our Journalists Advisory Board (JAB) feel is essential to help build consumer confidence in quality content in this era of fake news.


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To understand the intention and motivation behind this initiative, download the Green Paper here:

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08:30 Registration


09:00 Welcome: Richard Reeves, Managing Director, AOP


09.05 Why we are here: what the AOP Journalists Advisory Board (JAB) aims to achieve

Matt Cooke, Head of Partnerships & Training, Google News Lab


09.15 Digital news gathering and visualisation

Vincent Ryan, Former Sunday Times Business journalist working with Google News Initiative to help journalists find, verify and tell news stories around the world


09.55 Skills and Tools for Investigative Journalism

The Centre for Investigative Journalism specialises in practical skills training for investigative research, from Freedom of Information and Company Accounts to Data Journalism, Coding and Web Scraping. This will be a short overview of the skills and tools that can arm journalists to pursue thorough and rigorous investigations in the public interest. You’ll hear how these different techniques can be applied in the newsroom, including a hands-on example of using digital tools to profile public figures.

Tom Sanderson, Project Manager, Centre for Investigative Journalism


10.30 Building a better understanding of the legal and ethical framework for digital journalism

  • What is journalism
  • Regulation – ethical codes
  • Legal framework
  • Civil concerns, criminal law concerns, and data protection

Gill Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, Guardian News & Media


10.50 Mentoring: the challenge and the opportunity

  • An introduction to what’s already out there to support mentoring in your organisation
  • Getting serious about mentoring: why it’s important to train mentors and ensure commitment
  • Why and how mentoring can support greater diversity & inclusion in journalism – and why that’s important to build trust

Louise Ridley, Senior Journalist, BBC


11.10 Refreshments


11.50 Understanding and changing public perceptions of journalism

  • How journalism is changing: an investigative case study from Africa Eye
  • The rise of fact-checking

Russell Smith, Development Editor Digital Publishing, BBC News


12.00 An introduction to the Trust Project

Ann Gripper, Executive Editor (Digital), Mirror Online


12.15 Round table discussions:

  • What’s needed to drive an improvement in skills in digital journalism?
  • How can publishers collaborate on training and skills development?
  • What steps can publishers and editorial teams take to create a more positive perception of journalism?
  • What are the barriers or challenges that would be better addressed as an industry rather than individually?


13.00 When journalism can make a real difference: a case study from the first winner of the AOP Local Hero Award for Regional Digital Journalism

Aaron Walawalkar, News Editor, EachOther, in conversation with Matt Cooke


13.15 Lunch & networking


14.00 Close


Featured Speakers View All

Featured Speakers

Tom Sanderson

Tom Sanderson

Project Manager
Centre for Investigative Journalism
Aaron Walawalkar

Aaron Walawalkar

News Editor
Russell Smith

Russell Smith

Development Editor Digital Publishing
Gill Phillips

Gill Phillips

Director of Editorial Legal Services
Guardian News & Media
Vincent Ryan

Vincent Ryan

Former Business Journalist
Matt Cooke

Matt Cooke

Head of Partnerships & Training
Google News Lab
Louise Ridley

Louise Ridley

Senior Journalist
BBC Newsbeat
Ann Gripper

Ann Gripper

Executive Editor (Digital)
Mirror Online
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